Tennis tip

Nicolas Almagro this morning(30 May) during his daily off match practice had a huge problem on the shoulder and still during the day he was not able to play at all making only massages and cures in order to feel less pain as possible on the contracture that he has on the left side of the shoulder.

Probably he will do an infliltration before the match, for this and for our joy he will play the match, but surely during it he will call more then once the medical time out and the chance that he can fight for at least three sets are simply nothing.

It’s impossible that tomorrow(31 May) he will be ready for a five sets against a fighter like Verdasco that can play as well 10 hours in a rown, no chance even just 1

We expekt an easy 3:0 to Verdasco, maybe 3:1 because at least with infiltration when the match begins Almagro can try to fight for it, but who will be the winner is like on an old book, it’s already wrote.

At any price is free money, the void is the only thing who can stop us.

Cheers for this…


Verdasco 8/11 with PP looks fine value in light of the above. PP’s new mobile interface doesn’t look great.

whats your problem?

the kerry flyer gave me the info to post up

Understanding what context the word infiltration is being used in

If there’s one thing that man knows it’s tennis…

dont over analyse things fucko- all you beed to know is that the kerry flyer is bullish about verdasco

What time is it on NCC do you know?

:rolleyes: [quote=“Mac, post: 473480”]
What time is it on NCC do you know?


Whats your problem?

your inane posts irritate me

Mac, stop wasting time and get on Verdasco…


Third match.


Verdasco 4-1 down in the first set!

Verdasco lost the first 6-1 but is 2-1 and a break up in the second.

Going to plan as Almagro will fade now with his dodgy infiltrated shoulder.

Almagro leads 6-1 4-6 6-1. The pitiful fool.