Terrible Refereeing - Officiating Performances

A thread to log total ineptness & general instances of woeful officiating.

  1. Brian Gavin
    National Hurling League Final 2016

Brian Gavin every time he ref’s a game

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Carthage Buckley, Aughrin 1986


Referees are people too.

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They have to go to work in the morning as well

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If his job involves making up the rules as he goes along then he’ll be just fine.

The Tipp man should be more concerned with the state of Tom Semple stadium yesterday. Some punters felt the surface was an embarrassment to our association and our nation as a whole.

Log that issue in the appropriate thread.


Brian Gavn did a fine job yesterday.

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If the Clare boys didn’t feign injury every little tap they got it would have made his job a lot easier

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Podge Collins sickened my hole yesterday trying to get Austin Gleeson sent off. And Shane O’Donnell was at the same crack with Barry Coughlan.


I didn’t think the ref did too bad at all yesterday either

Podge was at it against Richie Hogan as well. For a guy with a lot of talent he Is becoming very unlikeable as a player

Small man syndrome

Brian Gavin refereed the game well yesterday. He consistently pulled both teams for the sneaky spare-arm tackle.

As regards terrible performances from history, you’d go a long way to see a performance as inept and biased as John Denton in 1989. The full game is available on YouTube for anyone to watch.

From a Limerick point of view, the only time that I felt we were genuinely screwed out of a game by a referee was Barry Kelly in the 2002 qualifier against Cork in Thurles. Michael Wadding v Wexford in 2001 wasn’t far away either.

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I would urge all Gavin supporters to watch the game back.

Why would anyone want to watch that turgid scutter again? Gavin did fine. Could have allowed a couple of advantages to develop, admittedly, but was in good command of it overall. You seem to be down on the big man, pal?

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