TFK 2022 Fun Running Log Thread

Time for a new thread for logging Strava segments, new gear reviews, @fenwaypark training plans, injury woes, races, DNFs, escapes from the wife and family, and so on.

If ye want a challenge for 2022, let’s do one.



Unfortunately, Ive done my achilles so on the easy list for a few weeks. Was just beginning to get into shape so pretty sick.


Is that a new injury or have you suffered with it before?

I think my aim is the GLR Half Marathon in May assuming I can get myself back in shape pretty quick in January.


Going to aim for 100km in Jan to start with anyway.


I have a few races entered in late January/early Feb. Main aim will be Dublin marathon in October. Will try run at least 5k every day in January to build a good base for the year.


Signing in

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My aim is the Dungarvan 10, GLR Half, Cork and Dublin Full. 30km a week at least as a target distance. Take part in as many BHAA races around Cork City. All of this from January. The gate from Half Moon Lane being opened now into Tramore Park is a game changer from a training route point of view.


God bless the motorised vehicle (cc @The_Selfish_Giant). I was atin’ a big bowl of profiteroles with cream in my auld pair’s house in Wexford at 6.30pm yesterday yet starting a 10km trot around Dublin 5 and 3 by 9.10pm after putting the kids to bed and unpacking.

I’ll sign up for the Wexford half marathon today (price goes up from 1 January), which takes place in late April and that will tie in with training for the Cork City Marathon in June. It promises to be a memorable June bank holiday weekend, as Wexford will have won the Leinster hurling championship on the Saturday night.

I’ll be following @fenwaypark ’s training programme for these events, but will only get into it properly from next week on when we (hopefully) get back into a routine. Speedy recovery fenway btw.


No big aims for 2022 yet.

Would like to log 1000km again (this was my first year getting to it). Managed 31000m climbing, and wouldn’t mind increasing that again. Need to get more cross training in though (cycling and strength stuff).

No races definitely on agenda yet.

From last year, my one goal I didn’t hit was a road half marathon. I may aim for the GLR half as there’ll be a big contingent out from TFK.

@Mac and I will run a mountain/trail marathon at some stage. It’ll either be an official race or a route of our own choice.

I’d like to do Slieve Felim Way in the summer again. Try it the other way around. I wouldn’t mind doing one run where I hit 50km.

Nothing else planned. I think I prefer the long solo/ small group adventures to the race scenarios


What date is the GLR half lads? I might have to do it to crack a few skulls

The May Bank Holiday weekend usually. Ned Sheahan playing a string of gigs in Thomand Park that weekend too. Its going to be sick

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We’ll have to do a photocall for all the TFK’rs. Just as long as the speedy cunts like @Gavrilo-Princip, @Mac and @Bandage can wait the 15 or 20 minutes for the rest of us to come in of course…

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The GLR will get some land when it sees a few lads out the front wearing these


Love it!! Forget fundraising for me and @RaymondCrotty , we should be investing in running gear!!

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TFK on the front, ‘Fuck Tipp’ on the back


Have signed up for Belfast the same weekend, would have been up for Limerick otherwise.


2662km in 2021, and twice up Mount Everest
Happy new year folks, it was an extraordinary year for the TFK running community


Fair play to you for getting out most days. That’s a lot of running.

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