TFK AFC Hall of Fame 2013

After a one year hiatus to mark the 49th anniversary of the passing of John F Kennedy, the TFK AFC Hall of Fame returns to our November calendar this year. As ever, voting will take place during the Thanksgiving Holidays with the winner to be announced at the TFK AFC Annual Awards Dinner Dance on Friday evening.

Nominees for induction to the Hall of Fame this year are:
]@ClarkeyCat *
[]@farmerinthecity *
]Javi *
[]M-8 *
]@croppy *

  • Players denoted with * are first time eligible for the Hall of Fame this year.

My first thoughts are: what a fucking list. There are half a dozen players there who would be first ballot hall of famers at any other organisation in the league.

@briantinnion - as sole member of the TFK Hall Of Fame, and curator of said museum - will adjudicate on any matters of controversy. None are expected, however. This competition will be conduducted with a grace and respect very much in keeping with the franchise.

@ClarkeyCat for me

Shocking omission of @Fran

Very surprised to see @stevie G missing out on a nomination. Tough competition though so he can’t really have many complaints.

Is Arshavin23 the one who blew kisses to his bird after scoring?



He didn’t just score - he scored one of the greatest goals in franchise history and blew a kiss to his bird.

McLough and @TP McNally will be disappointed not to get a nomination.

We had to draw the line at 14 nominees. Fran, Stevie, @therock66[/USER] and @[USER=66]smelly will all feel hard done by to not make the shortlist.

I’m just surprised that @ClarkeyCat got a nomination having turned his back on the team and playing for another astro side a few seasons back.

Best of luck to all the nominees but for me it has to be @farmerinthecity

Johnny is the benchmark here. We need to get up to his level.

@Rocko - can we get a brief synopsis of each players best and worst games in a TFK shirt?

You couldn’t limit @ClarkeyCat to one game when talking about his best performances. He gets my vote.

I am not considering @farmer as I believe he has plenty still to offer and will be back in the squad soon. I’m also disappointed that @Appendage didn’t get a nomination.

Just had a tearful @stevie G[/USER] on the phone there. Similar to @[USER=123]Monkey Allen[/USER] 's comments about @[USER=24]farmerinthecity, I had to pretend he wasn’t included because we see him returning to the club in a playing capacity in the near future.

I’m not comfortable with the idea of current players being inducted into the Hall of Fame. It should be restricted to retired players only.

They’re all retired players @TreatyStones[/USER]. There remains an outside chance of someone revisiting that decision but uut of the current members of the TFKAFCHOF, only @[USER=6]briantinnion has come out of retirement to play again.

Tell us about Tito

  • Best Game
  • Worst Game
  • Most memorable incident
  • Goals Scored

[quote=“TreatyStones, post: 865461, member: 1786”]Tell us about Tito

  • Best Game
  • Worst Game
  • Most memorable incident
  • Goals Scored[/quote]

I’ve never played with Tito.