TFK Android App

Android app (we’ve gone from v1.0 to v2.4.4 to pretend there’s been intermittent progress) is now up on Google Play. Might take a while for the update to appear for everyone but it will shortly be available here:

The update should be available for downloading now.

Just downloaded it,seems ok.

Whats the story with youtube links?

Yeah there’s a widespread problem with them at the moment. Looking into it.

good stuff rocko, tags dont work though

Nope but the app is terrific overall. Big improvement. Delighted for Dunph and Bando.

the new upgrade is very impressive rocko. if only the clappy hands smiley was available

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :popcorn:

:clap: :clap:

if only…

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Wonderful constructive feedback.

The next step is to focus on content. Hopefully this wonderful software update will motivate people to debate in a forthright and mature manner and we can put the tendency to deliver childish insults via tags behind us.

I know get a notification on my phone when someone posts in the equine thread, what a magnificent service :clap:

Very disappointed that my ignore settings don’t carry through to the app, I was half way through a post before I realised it was belonging to clown chavez… Seconds I will never get back…ever…

any update rocko?

Will check it this evening. You may have to reignore them - not sure those settings transferred across.

no problem Rocko. Thank you for your prompt response.

Rocko, how the fook do you start a new thread on the app?? This function seems to have disappeared. It usually popped up when I pushed the options button on my phone, but now I only get the option to refresh and mark board as read.

The TFK Android App has now been updated, it might take a few hours for the update to hit Google Play.

Thanks to @Mac[/USER] and @[USER=1406]maroonandwhite who tested early drafts of this months ago, before I got bored and left it on the shelf for ages. It has improved a fair bit since then so it’s worth those two lads downloading the new version now too.

Main change is how you navigate your way around the app.

You slide in from the left to access the main menu (instead of the buttons on the top) and you can swipe left or right to advance a page or go back a page when you’re reading a thread.

For people with older android devices who can’t get the new version, the old version has been tweaked slightly to eliminate a few bugs that were there.

A couple of screenshots:

[ATTACH=full]923[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]924[/ATTACH]

Rocko, can you post or pm me a link to the apk file please?