TFK Bogball Team 2000 - 2019 Full Back Line

Ok gents.

Round 2 - ding ding

A very competitive field. You have three votes so don’t waste them.

    • Kieran McKeever (Derry)
    • Seamus Moynihan (Kerry)
    • Mike McCarthy (Kerry)
    • Kieran Fitzgerald (Galway)
    • Darren Fay (Meath)
    • Coman Goggins (Dublin)
    • Enda McNulty (Armagh)
    • Paddy Christie (Dublin)
    • Anthony Lynch (Cork)
    • Francie Bellew (Armagh)
    • Cormac McAnallen (Tyrone)
    • Joe Higgins (Laois)
    • Old Tom O’Sullivan (Kerry)
    • Barry Owens (Fermanagh)
    • Ryan McMenamin (Tyrone)
    • Andy Mallon (Armagh)
    • Marc O’Se (Kerry)
    • Karl Lacey (Donegal)
    • Kevin McCloy (Derry)
    • Graham Canty (Cork)
    • Conor Gormley (Tyrone)
    • Justin McMahon (Tyrone)
    • John Keane (Westmeath)
    • Michael Shields (Cork)
    • Peter Kelly (Kildare)
    • Charlie Harrison (Sligo)
    • Mick Foley (Kildare)
    • Neil McGee (Donegal)
    • Ger Cafferkey (Mayo)
    • Keith Higgins (Mayo)
    • Colin Walshe (Monaghan)
    • Rory O’Carroll (Dublin)
    • Paul Murphy (Kerry)
    • Shane Enright (Kerry)
    • Philly McMahon (Dublin
    • Brendan Harrison (Mayo)
    • Johnny Cooper (Dublin)
    • Chris Barrett (Mayo)
    • Michael Fitzsimons (Dublin)
    • Colm Cavanagh (Tyrone)
    • Paudie Hampsey (Tyrone)
    • Ronan McNamee (Tyrone)
    • Young Tom O’Sullivan (Kerry)

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Looking forward to some heated and abusive discourse.

Will Moynihan be appearing out the field also?

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Yea, will any of these be named further out the field?


If a player gets picked on two lines of the field, they will take the position on the line they have the highest proportion of the vote or no of votes and the next highest in the line they vacate will get in.


Why would you be worrying about a Kerryman unless…

I think he’s doing it an all stars, so I’d imagine a good few will? But I would like clarification

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Higgins - Moynihan - McGee for me

I wouldn’t pick Shaymus in the FB line, but I’d pick him at HB

Gormley, Lacey, Canty, Cavanagh and probably a few others here will also feature again.

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If you want him in the 15 now’s your only option. The half-back line is awash with heavyweights (not the Vinnie Murphy types).

Higgins - Fay - O’Sé

Higgins would be a cert for me. Reinvented cornerbacking.
O’Sé will probably drive @Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy mad so I picked him.
Fay may be an unconventional choice for FB, his peak was probably just before/very early on in this era, but he was an absolute artist of a FB for me. Possibly the last proper full back before the game changed.
10 all stars between them and all proper full back line players. You’d earn it in there


My choices are:

  1. Ricey - was a real tough one between him and Andy Mallon for me. Ricey set the tone at the back for Tyrone. Nasty and uncompromising at the back, if there was a way he’d find it. He was a fantastic footballer too, like Cluxton was credited with changing the role of a goalkeeper. Ricey could be credited with doing likewise for a corner back. Regular forays forward and inspirational scores along with keeping the dangerman quiet/driven depraved.

  2. Neil McGee - the outstanding full back on that list. An absolute beast of a man that nobody would be crazy to try anything with. Super man marker, great under the high ball, extremely quick and agile for his bear like build. It was a relatively straightforward call here.

  3. Karl Lacey - another Donegal man. Before Lacey was swithced to centre back to become that driving force for Donegal under McGuinness he was the best man marker in the business. Searing pace and a fantastic ability to read the game, very cool and intelligent on the ball. An all round class act. He could make a good case for no. 6 but the half back line is lit up with top class players.

Finian Hanley was full back on the international rules team for years and doesn’t even get a nomination. Sickening bias from a fellow salthill man.

Lads, I presume you’re all talking about Joe Higgins here.

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@myboyblue will be delighted with your selection.

I went for Cooper, McGee and Keith Higgins.
The f/b line will always require experts in the dark arts hence the call.

Sean Marty Lockheart surely worthy of a nomination as well

You treacherous pup.

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His all star came in 98 unfortunately.

Barry Owens would actually have been very close to ousting McGee now I think of it.

John Keane and Higgins in the unsure on FB, moynihan maybe

Barry Owens was a dinger alright.