TFK Bogball 2000-2019 Half Back Line

OK guys.

Half back line up next. Remember you still have another day to vote for the full back line if you haven’t yet.

Anyway on to the half back line, this is going to be a blood bath, it’s rammed with quality and I’m expecting a wide variance of votes between 10-15 players.

  • Declan Meehan (Galway)
  • Kieran McGeeney (Armagh)
  • Anthony Rainbow (Kildare)
  • Sean Og De Paor (Galway)
  • Francie Grehan (Roscommon)
  • Aidan O’Rourke (Armagh)
  • Kevin Cassidy (Donegal)
  • Conor Gormley (Tyrone)
  • Tom Kelly (Laois)
  • Philip Jordan (Tyrone)
  • Tomas O’Se (Kerry)
  • James Nallen (Mayo)
  • John Keane (Westmeath)
  • Seamus Moynihan (Kerry)
  • Ger Spillane (Cork)
  • Aidan O’Mahony (Kerry)
  • Barry Cahill (Dublin)
  • Davy Harte (Tyrone)
  • Graham Canty (Cork)
  • John Miskella (Cork)
  • Paudie Kissane (Cork)
  • Karl Lacey (Donegal)
  • Kevin Nolan (Dublin)
  • Lee Keegan (Mayo)
  • Frank McGlynn (Donegal)
  • Colm Boyle (Mayo)
  • Cian O’Sullivan (Dublin)
  • James McCarthy (Dublin)
  • Peter Crowley (Kerry)
  • Jack McCaffrey (Dublin)
  • Ryan McHugh (Donegal)
  • Karl O’Connell (Monaghan)
  • Paddy Durcan (Mayo)
  • Brian Howard (Dublin)

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Poll will close Friday +1h.

Seems you can’t change your vote once cast. Forgot to include Keegan who I would have over McCaffrey

Went O’Se-McGeeney-McCaffrey which would have been an excellent unit

Keegan - McCarthy - McCaffrey


Keegan - McGeeney - James McCarthy

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There’s some amount of excellent wing backs compared to centre backs there

Keegan - Lacey - McCaffrey

I wanted to pick an actual centre back at centre back and I dont remember much of McGeeney

Tom Kelly and two others.

@Fulvio_From_Aughnacloy, votes are viewable and John Keane was a corner back

Sean og De Paor was a lovely stylish footballer. Always liked his attacking style

I’ve gone with the following selections:

  1. Jack McCaffrey - the best player of the lot here, if you look at that Dublin team for me - the biggest concern I’d have is who can do a job on McCaffrey, for me he is pretty much unmarkable. The pace and engine he has can blow any side out of the water. A class act and will go down as the greatest wing back in the GAA when his career finishes.

  2. Conor Gormley - the complete defender. An absolute warrior, played every position from 2-9 for Tyrone and always played where the trouble needed to be stamped out - in that great Tyrone team Gormley was the go to man for danger and he never let his manager down. His best position for me is at 6, an exceptional reader of the game, extremely composed on the ball. The block of McDonnell in the 2003 final will live on through history. McGeeney and Cian O’Sullivan were other serious options here. I went with Lacey at corner back but if I hadn’t he would have pushed Gormley to the wire.

  3. Philly Jordan - an exceptional wing back, an absolute Rolls Royce of a player. He was a magnet for the breaking ball for Tyrone, he was always on hand to dart in and set off an attack, superb engine, superb distribution, pace to burn and always played with his head up. A man who always came to the fore in the deciding moments of a game.

It’s the toughest line on the pitch to pick - you have legends of the game like Tomas O’Se, Lee Keegan, Seamus Moynihan, James McCarthy. The other three Donegal lads in Cassidy, McHugh and McGlynn were outstanding players. Colm Boyle has been a tremendous servant for Mayo. McGeeney, Lacey and O’Sullivan as mentioned previously. Declan Meehan was another superb attacking half back.

I can see a wide range of opinions on this one.

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Keegan Lacey Ó Sé

Oh well, sorry guys.

Keane also won one at wing back.*

*According to wikipedia.

I’m shocked to hear that. Always had him as a corner back :man_shrugging:

Shall I redo the poll again for privacy sake, guys?

Fuck um

Wing back really is the position of legends in Gaelic football

It’s the new corner forward

O’Sé, Keegan, De Paor.

I actually missed McCaffrey but it appears you can’t change your vote. I’m not sure which one I’d leave off tbh.

You could pick a different 2 fellas along with Tom Kelly every time you log back into the thread.

The likes of De Paor having more votes than Philly Jordan. :rollseyes:

Give me strength.

It’s a tough line but Jordan was the elite wing back of his generation and I’m the only one to vote for him? Give me strength.

The O’Se surname carries a lot of weight down south, I was watching the 2002 final with Armagh the other night. McConville gave Tomas O’Se the mother of all roastings. That’s not to see Tomas wasn’t a great player but having that volume of votes ahead of some of the players he’s up against? Give me strength.

I only dread to think what Marc O’Se has gotten in the other thread.

I no longer have a photographic memory of matches or a scrapbook of match reports, but I have a feeling (possibly incorrect) that Marc O’Sé in his early years was regularly roasted. I can’t back that up with examples. Any truth in that?

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That was a tough one.


I made a bit of a balls of the full back line yesterday but anyway.