TFK Bogball Team 2000-2019 Full Forward Line

Some dingers in here.

You creeps can go and embarrass yourselves in fitting in as many Kerry and Galway players as you can.


  • Mike Frank Russell (Kerry)
  • Padraic Joyce (Galway)
  • Derek Savage (Galway)
  • Ollie Murphy (Meath)
  • Johnny Crowley (Kerry)
  • Peter Canavan (Tyrone)
  • Ray Cosgrove (Dublin)
  • Colm Cooper (Kerry)
  • Stevie McDonnell (Armagh)
  • Aidrian Sweeney (Donegal)
  • Enda Muldoon (Tyrone)
  • Mattie Forde (Wexford)
  • Stephen O’Neill (Tyrone)
  • Conor Mortimer (Mayo)
  • Kieran Donaghy (Kerry)
  • Ronan Clarke (Armagh)
  • Paddy Bradley (Derry)
  • Tommy Freeman (Monaghan)
  • Daniel Goulding (Cork)
  • Declan O’Sullivan (Kerry)
  • Bernard Brogan (Dublin)
  • Benny Coulter (Down)
  • Andy Moran (Mayo
  • Colm O’Neill (Cork)
  • Michael Murphy (Donegal)
  • Colm McFadden (Donegal)
  • James O’Donoghue (Kerry)
  • Conor McManus (Monaghan)
  • Cillian O’Connor (Mayo)
  • Aidan O’Shea (Mayo)
  • Dean Rock (Dublin)
  • Paul Geaney (Kerry)
  • Michael Quinlavin (Tipperary)
  • Paul Mannion (Dublin)
  • Ian Burke (Galway)
  • David Clifford (Kerry)
  • Cathal McShane (Tyrone)
  • Con O’Callaghan (Dublin

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Stevie McDonnell, Padraig Joyce, Peter the Great

Donaghy and Stephen O’Neill unlucky to lose out.


Has to be an all Ulster line here. The two lads in the corner were outstanding players, outstanding ball winners, kick scores off either feet, so strong and powerful and able to handle themselves.

The full forward is the greatest player that has ever played the game, the speed of his hands, the way he could evade a swarm of him. Canavan was only about 5ft9 and 11 stone but he’d never let himself be bullied or intimidated and many people tried. An absolute genius, even when he was crocked in the late stages of his career, unable for 70 minutes, he was coming on and deciding games.

His finale was a magical 1-01 in a 45 minute apperance against Kerry, the goal he scored off his left was through the eye of a needle, the point he got at the canal end from the tightest of angles was so so clutch, in the most pressurised of situations. Tom O’Sullivan spent the whole game trying to rough Canavan up, Canavan let his football do the talking. The GOAT.

The full forward line there has all the ability in the world and the type of steely resolve that will remain unbeaten, unbowed and unbroken.

Gooch - Donaghy - McManus

King Con and Clifford surely to join in the coming years

Canavan should be a shoo in here. The best player I’ve seen.

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Went for
Mattie Forde - Matty Forde - Mahee Forde


Mattie, Peter the Great and Cooper. Simple.

Joyce only used his right foot for standing on so just misses out.

Like Messi and Maradona.


10 points in the all Ireland final 01
5 with the left 5 with the right


The team I selected:

Higgins, N Magee, Lacey
Keegan, Gormley, McCaffrey
D O’Se, Fenton
McDonald, Cooper, Dec O’Sullivan
McDonnell, Joyce, Canavan

In retrospect I would change James McCarthy for Gormley but otherwise I’m happy enough.

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That was some performance - fucking hell. Up against the supposed best full back around at the time in Fay,



If there is an anti-ulster bias around here you’ve gone a fair way to balancing it out with that team.


They were midfielders not full forwards

Everyone has one exceptional day.

In general he rarely used the right.

Sure why would you, when your left is that good


Brogan, Michael Murphy and McManus

Clifford - Canavan - McManus