TFK Bogball Team 2000-2019 Full Forward Line


Never change.

You’ll be seething when you get the phone back off her. McManus over Forde. That’s quite embarrassing.

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Gormley, Fay; Lacey;
Keegan, McCarthy, McCaffrey;
O’Sé, Cavanagh;
Flynn, Murphy, Connolly;
Clifford, Canavan, McManus.

Joyce, Canavan, McManus

Fuckin hell it’s a lot harder to choose here than for the hurlers.

If Cooper gets in at half-forward, I’ll pick 3 of McDonnell, Joyce, Canavan and McManus. Cooper will be in here if he doesn’t get in.

Where is Declan Browne on the list?

You’d pick Cooper ahead of those 4?

The top 4 were proven in delivering with it mattered, Gooch was a proven failure in delivering when it mattered.

A good man against the likes of Cork and Mayo though.

Cooper scored well from play in those Tyrone games

Are you going to do this with every Kerry player voted for? Which three Kerry players are closest to the team would you say?

He got 3 points from play in both of the final losses to Tyrone. Played the final pass for a goal and a good few other points too. He actually played fairly well in them I was surprised when I watched them back recently.

I don’t think there is a fitting Kerry player in the last 20 years.

Things should be looked at in context, they only beat Cork and Mayo in five of their six final wins.

2014 was by far their best win and 2006 was the only credible one.

Donaghy and Donnacha Walsh are the best Kerry players of the last 20 years but miss out to better players.

But sure by that rationale Tyrone only beat kerry. And they have no really good players.


He started off well against Tyrone in 05 and then shit himself when Ricey and McConnell roughed him up.

Tom O’Sullivan tried to rough up Canavan and he scored a magical 1-01 after.

Tyrone didn’t get parachuted into the last 12 every year and beat an excellent Armagh side in 2003 and 2005 along with Kerry.

Canavan is the GOAT and Cavanagh, Dooher, Ricey, Jordan, O’Neill, McGuigan and Gormley all have to be the reckoning.

Cooper Murphy Canavan

If Cooper gets on in the half forward line, I ll put in Clifford

Cooper putting ball into Clifford be a dream scenario!

According to you kerry had no top class players and are a very average team. So two of Tyrones 3 all irelands can be discounted.

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No point half-assing it when you’re on the wind up

I think they have a team of decent to very good players who had huge mental issues when a team didn’t turn up ready to roll their bellies over and when it came to a team not giving them the respect they craved they were shown up short.

The difference was Tyrone had to be ready to rock and roll from early May given the huge quality in Ulster, it was attritional and it took its toll.

Kerry were able to put their feet up until late July or early August. When it came down to the two teams at their peaks, Tyrone wiped the floor with them.

Canavan Joyce brogan