TFK Casualties of the Corona Virus

Flybe are goosed. They were in big trouble anyway but this will finish them off.

Airlines are facing into a downturn like the post 9/11 one. No one will be booking flights to anywhere.

Travel companies, hotels, restaurants etc etc. will all feel a major pinch you’d imagine in the next few months. The weaker ones will struggle to survive.

Any farms in danger?

When is the best time to buy shares in an airline company?

When are we predicting rock bottom?

When they are cheap

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After the virus peaks and starts to decline, probably late summer.

Press Up group will surely run into trouble. They’ve spent a fortune fitting places out and must have massive overheads.

Owners tried to take some cash out twice in the last year or two.


My business model is investing heavily in low shares airlines.

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Cruise liners are likely fucked for a good chunk of the year.

Low margin airlines are also goosed. I could see the likes of Norwegian having to lay off a bunch of those pilots they robbed from other airlines in the last few years.

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