TFK Dance Classics Thread


I only discovered I had a young lad there a month ago, I have a lot of catching up to do, I have a daughter aswell, but she is 22 in November


Wow. I’d imagine the impact of the nutribullet and the bulletproof coffee are pale in comparison to the impact this young man may have.


Soulwax - Krack


Hiroki Esashika - Kazane


Ask yourself a serious question, would you dance to that?


what the fuck is this shit? are you on drugs? you’d want to be on drugs to think that is a dance classic


What a weird question.


@carryharry This will keep you awake for another while

Rudimental - Waiting All Night


I was chatting to @Fagan_ODowd there and got reminded of this, I just started crying for some reason


Ah lovely.


I love you bro’s…




turn it up LOUD!!!




Gayle San, 1996. Sir Henries. Having it large as the late Mickey Mac used to say


Senior hurling.



Prodigy - Girls


This dinger has been rereleased along with a number of other Carl Craig albums. Throw was a regular feature on the Hit Man and Her back in the day.


ah yes