TFK Dance Classics Thread




Listening to Journeys by DJ By Coldcut on the cassette player here. What a classic.


fuck me fagan, awesome
im drinking can of carling with the headphones on writing a preview of Israel Albania, that phenomenal stuff


Best mixtape ever.


i have FACT 2 on next


wow just wow
the break at 0:55s
im smiling away to myself there,


I love having the headphones on drinking a can and listening to a dance classic, up good and loud, sometimes I find myself transported back into 1997 in my own head, I imagine being there, in the moment, I kind of get a funny little feeling, and I can feel the goosebumps, unknown to myself I let out a roar of exctasy the odd time


Ah by the Lord Jaysus. This is some tape. Coldcut is some genius


my first mix tape 29:20 classic



Iā€™d often throw on some 90s Ministry of Sound stuff of a Friday evening and drive the kids into a frenzy dancing to tire them out.

I had born slippy on this evening and the eldest nearly passed out after it. They were asleep by 7.15pm.


hauntingly beautiful, reminds me of grinding my teeth


They were great times.





Side 2 is even more brilliant. Iā€™m listening now to the bit with the First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.



Is that ken mcgrath?


I luv u bro. :ronnyroar: