TFK Dance Classics Thread


happy 303 day lads


plug the headphones in lads, you can hear it proper, I just got goosebumps there listiening to it I love when that happens


this tune got me out of savage hole today, I was on top of a big hill 18 mile into a off road marathon and in all sorts of trouble, as I crested the summit, it banged in, I suddenly got transported back to the 1990’s and got a lovely warm fuzzy feeling, my mind was split in two, I eyed up a few lads in front of me and nailed them with a surge of triumphant ecstasy, they must have thought I was on drugs as I breezed past them, “its not over, its not over, its not over yet” I thought and I think I might have been shouting it without knowing to myself, it was spiritual, there was a gale blowing as well, the wind coming in off the channel, the scenery was unreal, it all came together for me for a few minutes, then the headphones started going and I started bonking again, but for a few glorious minutes I was there





We are running the place that’s what we are doing


Watched Trainspotting again last night.



Bizarre Inc : Playing with Knives


Alcatraz : Give Me Luv


cc @Tassotti @KinvarasPassion @Rintintin :eyes::eyes:

Sven Vath : Age of Love


great tune pal. the version off northern exposure 3 expeditions is savage



Holee fook… that baseline would drive nails for you






Tony Di Bart : The Real Thing ( Original Dance Mix )


Lustral : Everytime ( Nalin Kane Remix )


The Space Brothers : Shine


Winner rating


Oribital - Kinetic 2017


thats actually a tremendous tune