TFK Dance Classics Thread


nothing like a can of Guinness and a bit of techno on a Sunday morning


this is an incredible post, fucking hell
id be the same on a threadmill listening to faithless, you’d go into a state of euphoria when we come one would come on and turn the threadmill up to 20 and just get lost in the music.
that music is so powerful, that it’s quite beyond my control. And, ah… when I’m in the grips of it, I don’t feel pleasure and I don’t feel pain, either physically or emotionally. Do you understand what I’m talking about? Have you ever, have you ever felt like that? When you just, when you just, you couldn’t feel anything, and you didn’t want to either. You know, like that? Do you understand what I’m saying, sir?


I know what you are saying. Do you ever re-enact a rave from the past when no one is around, when you have the house to yourself? Sometimes I go apeshit in the sitting room when the blinds are drawn, desperately try to recapture something which can never be re caught

what is dead may never die


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Music is powerful.




Stretch N Vern Presents Maddog : I’m Alive


A blast from the past bud, yup


Nothing like tunes and headphones man, unreal


Bizzare Inc : Such a Feeling


Human Resource : Dominator


Tall Paul : Rock Da House




Colonel Abrams RIP


A Joey Beltram favourite


I love anything on R&S records.





If not listed already… A Classic


good God or G-d as they jews write it…

in hebrew there is no word for God as he is too holy to have a word or tiltle so they call him Ha-shem which directly translates as “the name” in english
in english they’d just write g-d


great post that