TFK Dance Classics Thread


Lil Louis : French Kiss




Post a tune or fuck off.




I’m lost. Be specific. What tv show?


Oh yeah, listen to me clearly is it? Lol

I understand exactly what you’re saying, your emotional connection sure I get it.

You Cork lunatic.


Thats me.



Any. It’s awful turgid stuff. The XX piss all over them.


Fuck off


Step away from the sherry


Future Sound of London : Papua New Guinea


One of the all-time classics.


Orbital : Chime


French kiss, I’ll grant you that. Apart from that you’re hopeless. You have no taste har.


Thats a choon.

I’m not sure if its even that tune or the type of music but it reminds me clearly if a night in Nantucket at a secret party out at a lake and all sorts of people with a dj set up on a generator off the back of a F150. It was multicultural to say the least.


Sash : Adelante


what is Love IS THE 90’s


Shut up and Dance - The Green Man


Unreal. I’ll put my fist through the sun roof here



im here in the kitchen drinking cans with the internet on, bopping away
at 1:59 i stood up with my arms outstetched and screamed, a shiver came over me