TFK Dance Classics Thread


Now there’s a dance classic


jenny Greene on saturday nights on 2FM
unreal radio show


Yep, kinda tune this thread was started for. Top bombing @mickee321


Reminds me of the Hydro in Lisdoon in the late 90s


@KinvarasPassion can you get me the one that goes: Budiah Budiah um die die die, Budiah Budiah etc



I love those moments when you loose yourself, I was running a cross country race last march wen I crested a hill after 20 miles in a gale force wind and was faced with this sight, I had the earphones on with Grace “its not over yet” on, I was overcome by the natural beauty of it and unknown to myself I was roaring at the top of my voice when the chorus was playing “its not over, not over not over not over YET”



What a belter to wake up to



I was sitting out the back of a pub called snotty joes one morning after a august weekender in Sir henries around 1996 and this was playing, it was a very special moment, it was around 10am and the sun was splitting the rocks, it was a very speical moment



Remember buying this in Abbey Discs after hearing it on Inspector Morse. Old skool






She’s just like you and me… But she’s homeless


la di da dal


Kicks like a mule: the bouncer


I was listening to a savage dance track in the car there just after the 9pm news on jenny green… From 1998. Never got the full name… Amazon chant or something.


For me the definite version.