TFK Dance Classics Thread


If it’s the mix off northern exposure 3 then you are correct. Can’t listen to it as the WiFi on the bus I am on won’t allow it ffs…


this is phenomenal
i never knew diane charlemange was dead
goosepimples @1 min 30


Moby isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea but his book Porcelin is fuckin excellent. Amazing stories of NYC from the late 80’s and UK in the early 90’s. Very funny too.

I think I’ve mentioned it here before. I’d highly recommend it.


That’s a savage post.

Good luck today


Some absolute fierce tunes on this Spotify playlist



I admire the way you always check to make sure a Tune hasn’t been posted before. That’s a very admirable quality in a poster, I admire you for that, mate.



headphones. loud.


an absolute classic




they are aving it right off here, right off



Bangin’ old school tune on the current Suzuki ad. You could nearly guess its release date to the month based on the piano break. I was two months out in my guess.

Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out





Cygnus X - The Orange Theme

Hadn’t heard this in nearly 20 years but uncovered in the bottom of a box of old CDs in the parents garage.

A belter… One of the best trance tracks ever produced. Happy memories.


Making Toytown Techno great again.

Urban Hype - A Trip to Trumpton


good lord