TFK Dance Classics Thread


Remember this one from Sweat…


I gave you 2 of my last 4 cans you mad bastard. :smile:


You actually haven’t lived at all you poor misfortune cunt. I feel sorry for today’s young fellas.


Flog in the Bog was legendary really if you think about it now. Fucking fools paying to camp in the Woods these days in Stradbally.

Hardest job back then was finding your mind. cc @Tassotti




I was in a awful state coming out of it :rofl:


I slept for 22 hours straight in the back of a Ford Courier Van, didn’t arise until Monday morning. Drank a bottle of Sheridan’s that Sunday morning & twas lights out.


I thumbed back to Cork after it, it was like something out of fear and loathing in Las Vegas


We happened upon a savage rave in Whites Hotel in Lisdoon in the autumn of 1996, some Dutch DJ banging out tunes till 7am and sun coming up over Meggagh.


the biker rally? they used to be awful messy, fucking great nights thoug


We should organize an aul rave lads.


Did the pills have any long term affect on ye lads? Would ye ever have to odd dose of paranoia or loss of reality?


There’d be more Speed than Speedometers at those parties.


Not at all, I’d often get a longing for an aul Jaw Seizure.


I think my memory isn’t what it should be for a man of my age


I find the drink awful for paranoia, I’d be lying awake in the bed awake all night after more than a 2 day bender these days


I wouldn’t worry about, I go upstairs these mornings for something and by the time I’ve got to the top I haven’t a breeze what I came up for.




those biker rallies were serious, there was always an sense things could totally out of control at any stage, which made it very exciting, exhilarating really thinking back on it


Twould be a great night