TFK Dance Classics Thread


There was a sense of menace but then you’d have a group of bikers smoking herb and they’d be acting like Hairy Teddy Bears. Surreal shit.


sometimes I can get transported back in time for a few seconds when I totally get into a really good old tune,and I totally forget myself, that feeling returns, that euphoric rush and I get goosebumps thinking about i


Shur drink is for mugs really considering the bang for your buck off hard drugs.


There was a savage edge to the place on that weekend. Every cunt looked like he’d a chip on his shoulder that was ready to offload.


but the craic was unreal


The Kittys field raves between 89-91 above in Cappacosheen were before my time but the memories are epic. We’d cycle up in the dark and watch the proceedings through the Hazel. Over 1000 people dancing in a field in the middle of nowhere. The cops hadn’t a clue what to do, they have no understanding of what was happening at all. A bass drum could be heard thumping for miles around from Friday night to Sunday morning. The poor fella that made it all happen died recently too, a gas man but dabbled a bit too much.





this @Tassotti
a wave of euphoria came over me at 1:00 - its a ferocious escape - elation almost


cant believe Diane Charlemange is dead, phenomenal with Moby


Bumped. Savage


Love this fucking thread





Going to see Dixon at District 8 next Friday :sunglasses:


timely bump for this as it’s unreal


I’m very proud of this thread.



And since we are kicking it old school tonight…