TFK Dance Classics Thread


This brings back many memories of the white horse and the claddagh ring


For anyone that has the time, I remember this as the best set I ever saw. Giving it a listen now to see if it lives up to the memory.

Listen to Lee Burridge - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2018 by Robot Heart #np on #SoundCloud


Gigi D’Agostino : Bla Bla Bla


Ducksauce : Barbara Streisand



Anyone that’s worth their salt will have chewed the Jaw off themself to this in the late 90s

From the album FACT - Carl Cox, Cygnus X - Orange thème.

Lock the fucking thread.

cc @Tassotti , @carryharry @KinvarasPassion


Yurt the Kid :clap:


that is really getting me going here, a timeless classic


Boy Girl The Chemical Brothers


Aphex Twin Girl Boy


Robert Miles : Children ( Dream Version )



Love Inc : You’re a Superstar ( City of Love Mix )


Fisher : Losing It


Paul Johnson - Get Get Down





hard to believe its 15 years

the glory days of Bora Bora


Hard to believe it’s 20 years since the peak of trance in 9T9-00, still have the bootleg tapes off the radio somewhere. We will never see the like again.