TFK Enemies Thread

Can I get a list of who is at war with who here? Not simple feuding, but real sustained hate. @myboyblue and @backinatracksuit seem to have a few enemies on here.

Sorry if there’s a thread on this already.

I hold no hate in my heart for anybody

Well maybe Johnny Doyle but that’s it

I think there’s serious conflict between @Mark_Renton and @ChocolateMice that has led to both of them taking time away from the forum.

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You’re a great forumite mate

I fucking despise you you cunt!

I’ve noticed a distinct edginess and mutual loathing in the back and forth between @ChocolateMice and @caoimhaoin lately. I hope this is just temporary as I respect both of them greatly and would hate to see them fall out.

@gilgamboa and @dodgy_keeper detest each other.

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Is this just a thread for everyone to know who each other has on ignore if @Rocko brings back the ignore function :grimacing:

You are a rat. There is no lower than a rat.

He took a turn after getting married after nd finding out I know his sister in law

Dodgy is a twaat

I have no feeling other than deep pity for that yoke

Who are you talking to?


He’s just trying to find his feet as a newly married man. Give him time, he’ll sort his shit out.

Ah ya he will come round. He got married and he also thinks he has found himself all at the same time.

In the meantime i’ll knick a nice bit out of him getting very upset about really plain and obvious stuff about did taking offence for all of mankind on this island


I don’t detest anyone on here bar that low life cunt @hbv … I’m just not letting shit slip through the net.

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Keep fighting the good fight, brah.

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It’s good to see that I’ve quietened you you squealing rat bitch.

@Raylan and @Sidney