TFK Euro 2012 Arrangments

Please post relevant travel arrangments etc here. Sign in if you are definetly travelling to Poland/Ukraine.i very much hope to go but not signing in til I get go ahead first.

I plan to but can make no definate commitment at this point in time, but will be disappointed if I didn’t get over there

How you gonna swing it larry? thought you were a primary teacher…

I’m definitely going and will be making travel and hotel arrangements on 2-4 December

Anyone interested in being part owner of a camper van?


Not quite sure gola but am hoping to be able to arrange something.

What kind of CUNT is part owner of a camper van

I’m there for one game at least…

What would be posters preference, Poland or Ukraine? Some of the Ukraine stadiums are supposed to be well out of the way?


[quote=“turfcutter, post: 634603”]What kind of CUNT is part owner of a camper van

That’s what I’m trying to decipher via this thread pal.

Would prefer Poland myself but after 24 years in the Euros wilderness, I won’t be too picky

Im going to be looking into getting trains over there and making a sort of inter-rail trip out of it. Depends on dates though.

Bandage your a young single man so I’d suggest the ukraine for you as I hear there are more women than men there also I have never seen an ugly ukrainian woman.

Great stuff mate - decent crew from Portmarnock/Malahide showing an interest.

Croppy said he’d do one game.

I’ll be making an appearance if we’re in Poland. Less certain about my plans if we’re based in Ukraine.

Poland 100%, Ukraine 55%

Are we all staying in Balbec’s gaff if it’s Poland, yeah?

I have first dibs anyway

i plan to stay in balbecs house alright but the cunt better not be there while we are there- cant stand him