***TFK Exclusive***

announcement imminent…

is it to do with ciarancareyshurlingarm and ciarancareyshurlingarmy?

No that is not it Chewy louie

Mulholland steps down as Galway football manager

No Runt, sadly that is not it

Just awaiting confirmation from my source, any minute now…

Wow. This will be sensational.

Word just coming through to me now… :o

Anthony Cunningham outed as having been in the witness protection programe for decades? Real identity NY Mob boss Tessio?

I have suspended all work* and I’m frantically hitting refresh here in anticipation.

[size=1]*I was really doing any work anyway[/size]

Can’t waaaaaaaaaittt

Cure found for Galway simpletons who randomly throw a “h” into the middle of certain words?

Just seeking final clarification, any second now…

Big Mick to take the reins at the City Ground ??

I can exclusively reveal that Mick McArthy is the new manager of Nottingham Forest Football Club
I repeat, Mick McArthy is the new manager of Notthingham Forest FC.
You heard it first on TFK

Is he any relation to former Ireland Captain and Manager Mick McCarthy?


:clap: TDB on the ball

Fantastic news Laz

To Big Mick :pint:
To Super Forest :pint:

:clap: :clap: :ireland: It’s a great day for Forest and a proud day to be Irish