TFK Fun Runners Thread 2024

I’m going to run the Athlone 10 Mile on Saturday morning. I’ll be in CenterParcs this weekend with a group of different families & one of the lads is running it to tune up for the Cork Marathon in 2/3 weeks. A marathon based effort type thing for him & I said I’d accompany him on an expedition out of the park.


Best of luck the weekend lads . Tis great racing season in full flight at the moment. And well done @Locke super running last weekend :clap:

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You’re living in center parcs

Savage stuff this evening @Wexford1996

Looney Tunes Running GIF by Looney Tunes World of Mayhem


+1. Well done @Wexford1996. And @tallback on Sunday in the Fastlane half. I didn’t make the Athlone 10 mile at the weekend, as my running comrade had a vomiting child in his Center Parcs lodge so couldn’t skip away & I was too afraid to go on my own.


Sounds like hell on earth

That’s 2 blistering 5ks in 3 days ? Super running.

Thanks, delighted with that. Good bit quicker than the 5k Saturday but great course tonight.

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Anyone doing the work relay thing in the park Thursday night. Said I’d do it. Did it before, an awful amount of standing around if you’re running last.