TFK Fun Runners Thread 2024

Along with copious “sure look it” “I suppose” and “dya know”

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Trim 10 Mile wind adjustment factors hot off the press.

A 45-90 second downward adjustment required.

45 seconds for the 50-60 minute bracket,
60 seconds for 60-70,
75 seconds for 70-80,
90 seconds for 80+.

I go from 72:49 to 71:34. Huzzah!

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You’re like the lads in Covid pausing their watch for a minute during a 5k challenge before running a PB not realising that elapsed time was a thing!


Some female influencer broke the 5,000m world record during the first lockdown.


Brilliant run in Wexford tonight, @Mac. Well done. :clap:t2:

How was the event?

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Cheers buddy. I might need Emmets calculator to shave 3 seconds off the time :joy:

Event was really good. Really well run, nice route out the Quays and Rosslare road. Turn at Aiseiri and back in with a burst through the Faythe and a bit of South Main St and a downhill sprint for the last 50 metres. Weather was awful but nothing you can do about that. Rain seemed to kill the wind at least. There was apparently a load of treats at the end but it was that miserable that you couldn’t be hanging around.

I’m surprised they don’t get higher numbers for it. Popup have 356 finishers for it. The Gorey Night Run is next Thursday and will have closer to 800. The Wexford route is much nicer and a proper PB course if you get the right weather. Will definitely be back to do it again. Toying with the 10k on April 21st as well.


You were finishing like a train based on your Strava. Just looking at the race map tonight, the 10km route in April takes you out the same way but turning point is further on obviously - think you take the right by Aiseiri & go parallel to main road further into St Martin’s territory - & back in then to finish at The Faythe. I’d like to get down for a race in Wexford but can’t make that weekend.

I wonder if numbers tonight compared to Gorey are simply a factor of it being further down the road on a week night. Gorey perhaps more likely to get folk from neighbouring counties & even Dublin?

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You’ve Enniscorthy 10k and Great Gorey Run 10 mile down this way in the next month or so. There’s the Hope and Dream 10 mile and 10k in Enniscorthy in April too. It’s a lovely time of year with so many races on the doorstep without having to travel too far. Touch wood, this is the first time in a few years I’ve not been injured this time of year!

The last km was actually lovely. You hit 4km around The Pike I think and then start to hit the traditional narrow streets. A few people out cheering you on which gives a boost. A clubmate of mine was 1st lady and I passed her with around 500m to go. A km beforehand she was a good 300m ahead of me. Didn’t think I’d get close to catching her.

The Gorey Run is a fundraiser for the local hospice. I think this draws out a lot of people as so many families are impacted by it. I got involved with it a few years back as my only community gesture and am blown away by the amount of local support it gets either from sponsored or volunteers. You’ve lads in their 70s and 80s turning up to walk the route nattering away to each other. There’s always a healthy rivalry then between Croghan, SBR and Slaney Olympics elite athletes. And then you’ve loads and loads of families who’ll do it together. There can be a lot of division in Gorey either through GAA or Soccer clubs but it seems to unite everyone. Similar to the Hope and Dream in Enniscorthy. When the cause has hit so many local families, they’ll turn out to support it.

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Hospice fundraising element definitely explains the big numbers so.

That Enniscorthy 10km is on Sunday week afaik. I did it last year & I recall you mentioning the course was a bit dull. Two long, narrow loops & on the hard shoulder of the main road for 3-4km in total. I enjoyed it though but can’t make this year.

Plenty of events though, as you say. I might do a local half marathon on St Patrick’s Day. There’s a fitness/running group in Harmonstown called Up n’ Out & they ran it last year for the first time. Think it has limited numbers, as there’s no road closures, & they start at 7.45am or something. An out & back course from Harmonstown into St Anne’s Park & onto the coastal cycle/pedestrian lane used also in Clontarf half. You’d probably be running on your own for chunks of it.

Might actually suit me because I can’t make Bohermeen half in March or Wexford in April between kids’ parties, hens/stags, weddings & what not. There’s a new 10km & half in Dundalk in early April that I’ll keep in mind as an option if we’re going to Monaghan for a weekend.


There’s a Wicklow half and 10k as well. Same organisers as the Wexford and Clontarf races. Looks hilly as fuck but might suit your calendar.

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I’ve just seen an action shot of you closing in on ex Sarsfields legend Dermo Foley during the latter stages of Thursday night’s race on another running club’s socials. PM me if you haven’t seen it & want to add it to your portfolio.

Thanks buddy. I’ve seen it, and my big dirty heel strike in all its glory

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Any enjoyable Half’s in 10/12 weeks lads? I’m lacking motivation and need something to get me out during the week.

There’s this one but maybe a bit too soon for you? Wexford town half marathon and 10k on April 21st as well

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There’s the Fastlane half marathon out by The Grand Canal/Clondalkin in mid May, which might suit your 10/12 week timeframe.

A few half marathons/10milers/10kms in March & April - Bohermeen, Mullingar, Dundalk, Wexford to name 4 starting with earliest.

Fastlane is run by that Bear Races crowd that run Clontarf, Wicklow & Wexford halves & the new Dundalk half marathon one. Got grief post Clontarf in November for wrecking the football pitch that was the start/finish area. Never as homely a feel as you get in the races organised by athletics clubs but wouldn’t be put off if the timing & venue suits.

Focus seems to switch in May/June to summer shorter distance road races & not as many half marathons to aim for.

Great Limerick Run on the May Bank Holiday weekend.

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819 official finishers along with another 50 odd who chose the untimed option. Over 900 registered. Amazing to see.

I’d the job of organising the stewards and making sure the traffic was stopped at the right time everywhere. My HR trend for the evening makes for interesting reading :astonished::joy:


I’ve signed up for the Lisbon Marathon, or Maratona de Lisboa as I call it, with a few Wexford pals. It’s on 6 October so 3 weeks before Dublin & I’ll probably give my Dublin entry away in the summer transfer window. I was a follower rather than a leader in this endeavour so hopefully early October in Lisbon isn’t too warm. The race starts in Cascais and follows a coastal route into the city. Will stay in Lisbon for a couple of nights after the race too so hopefully will be a good trip.


Are you sure you’ve not signed up for another mountain marathon again??

The same group of clowns are involved so I made sure to double check.

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