TFK gaming thread


just picked it up at lunchtime. looking forward to platlying it this evening. hmv seem to have it cheapest at 47 quid. anyone else heading back to nam ?


I’m getting my hands on a PS3 tonight so I might pick this up for it next week.


PS3 ?? Noooo.

Art, I’ll be on later as will devil, sugar sweet willie, the human shield etc…
I reckon the brits will all be on.
I’ve got to see if I can pick up the game aprés work.

Till then.

Yours in gayming,


Free?? Yeeeeeeees


wouldnt knock back a free ps3 by any means and if ms bring in this rumoured six quid charge percgame online ill quickly become a sony fan.

will be good to get the band back together gsh. will be great to have devil back as my human shield but of course ill have to crossbow him in the first game. and no throwing modems out the window by you either !!


looking forward to it… played medal of honour lately but was non too pushed by it

(apologies fran)


Are you alright there bro?


medal of honour was utter gash. i traded it in against black ops and only paid ten for cod


pc/ps3 or snackbox?

Also Art, the Modem is now downstairs. Instead I have a 3 foot high bear to pound on.

Yours etc,


firstly pardon my typing in the last post, and to answer your question PS3


Where would I get a cheap wireless adaptor for a Xbox 360


I will be on tonight to provide some much needed cannon fodder. :slight_smile: had a fight a with the guy in Gamestop over the price of the game, asked him was he going to match the tesco price and he said no he cant do that, so I said can I have my 5 quid back because I dont want to buy the game in here, he wasn’t going to give it to me but there were other customers behind me and one walked out when I said what the price was in tesco. :slight_smile: Fuckers need to learn that there is a recession on, should have told all the auld ones in there what the price was in tesco’s would have cleared out the shop.


The standard of spelling, punctuation, grammer and text speak in this thread is atrocious.

Dunph, can we delete this thread and start all over again?


It’s also about video games which is enough reason to delete it.


Yeah I’d much prefer to read the 9000000th thread on bogball and stick stick activities or some boring shite about trash.


New Xbox has wireless included.
Stuck on Pro Evo myself-addicted.

Here Art, would you know anything about option files or some such for proper teams and player for that?


if you dont like game threads farmer then dont post on them. games are a form of art too.

pikey. there used to be a way of getting proer names but i havent had a pes game since 08. i think having merseyside red has a certain whymsical charm to it though




Option file for what machine?

Xbox is messy. PS3 or PC are plentiful. Go to or or somewhere.


Xbox. Was hoping for something non-messy.