TFK Guide: How do I find my way around TFK?

Navigating TFK

The Homepage (aka Latest)
The default homepage at should be self-explanatory for everyone. The only newish feature or difference is the Users column which shows the topic starter (left avatar), last poster (right avatar) and frequent posters on that thread (middle 1 or 2).

Oh, and you shouldn’t need to refresh to see new content. You will get a little blue bar at the top telling you there are new posts that you can click to reveal new content. I think twitter have since copied this.

Clicking any topic on this view (or any view) will bring you to your last position on the thread. So you will be brought to the unread content - similar to our old setup.

If you have already read a sticky topic and no longer want it at the top of the board then click the little pin icon beside the thread title and it will just get treated like a normal topic when you’re viewing TFK.

Other Topic Views
At the top there are links to Latest (the default view as described above), New (new topics created), Unread (topics which have unread content) and Categories (a view to just look at different categories of topics - see next section for more).

After, each heading the number in brackets indicates the number of topics that are now in this section with unread content. In the screenshot below, there are 2 new topics that I haven’t seen yet:


Also, on the left hand side you can filter content by categories. So instead of seeing all Latest posts, or all New topics, you can filter to see only those relating to Sport for example.

Those categories, or any of the menu items, can also be accessed by clicking on the hamburger menu item on the top right of the screen, next to your avatar or login prompt:

Other Random Features

Some other stuff that is new to this version of TFK:


Links to websites that comply with certain standards will show a little preview of that link on the post you are linking from.





This only happens if these links are on their own line with a space above it (so it doesn’t ruin paragaphs etc).

Here’s a brief list of websites that this is currently implemented for (more will be added).

Wiki Posts

Individual posts can be set to wiki posts - meaning anyone can edit them.


There is a separate topic on how to set up a poll, but in summary the main differences/improvements are:

  1. A poll can be in any post in a topic, not necessarily the first.
  2. You can have more than one poll in a post

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are plenty of shortcuts on the keyboard to navigate through TFK while reading it that mean you can avoid reaching all the way over to the mouse.

To bring up a list of the shortcuts press ? on your keyboard (not while typing a post obviously).

The most useful ones are probably those on the left hand side to bring you back a page or jump to the latest posts etc:

J next post/topic etc
K previous post/topic etc
# specific post # to go to
/ search
U back (like browser back button)
G, L go to latest posts page

Here’s the full list:

Do you know the way to TFK

Floor 8=tfk.
Everybody off