TFK Hurling team of the last 20 years - Centre Back

Who we got at centre back?

Honourable mention to the likes of Paudie Maher, Pauric Walsh and Brendan Maher but they were better in other positions and will feature in other polls, De Burca due to him playing more as a sweeper, Brian Corcoran, Hannon and Conor Ryan who all only had 2 or 3 seasons at centre back while the likes of Rushe, McInerney and a few others who are a level below those on the list.

  • Sean McMahon - Clare
  • Ronan Curran - Cork
  • Brian Hogan - Kilkenny
  • Peter Barry - Kilkenny
  • Brick Walsh - Waterford
  • Ken McGrath - Waterford
  • Conor O’Mahoney - Tipp
  • Ronan Maher - Tipp

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There’s noone from Galway. I’m not voting.
Larry o gorman should be in with a nomination somewhere.

I’m voting for him wherever he shows up.

You can moan about the limerick posters ruining the polls ( I agree it’s fairly basic wummery) but you are only antagonising them now with no hannon and no doubt they’ll Mobilise themselves in even greater numbers now.


He’s only played there for three years though, as opposed to Ronan Maher, who, eh, isn’t from limerick.


How long has Hannon played centre back for Limerick? 2018 and 2019? Two years isn’t enough to make the list. Conor Ryan was an excellent centre back for three years and Brian Corcoran was exceptional in 2000 and 2001 still doesn’t mean they should be on the list with the rest

The Limerick lads have lost it.

He played in 2017 as well. He’s probably started fifteen championship games there for limerick which is probably more games than seanie McMahon played for clare in championship during 00 to 06.

McMahon would have played 15+ from 2004 to 2006 alone

And there the comparison with Sean McMahon ends


Hannon, Hannon, Hannon

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Ken McGrath got my number 1, although Ronan Curran was also a smashing centre back

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Like a pack of children crying about their favourite player.

The Limerick lads are to hurling polls what lads in Deis schools are to this year’s Leaving Cert.

Being victimised because of where they come from.


Doesn’t really matter hannon should be on the list. Big mick had a moan about limerick posters ruining the poll. He only has himself to blame now.

The boys never saw a stereotype they didnt want to live up to.

Why should he be on it any more than say Gearoid McInerney or Conor Ryan?

Will the significant Galway presence on the board also be called out?

You’d be ashamed of your life sometimes by their carry on… I think it’s more the lads that like the rubby that do most of it to be fair. You’d never see the likes of @balbec , @Ashman or @Aristotle getting upset by this lark…