TFK Hurling team of the last 20 years - Centre forward

Going to go to centre forward here. Midfield will be later today as Brendan Maher likely to be involved in both polls.

Dominated by Kilkenny, Tipp and Joe Canning. Not too many other options - Gleeson and Kelly get token nods as former HOTY. After the first half dozen it was lean enough pickings. Shefflin utterly dominated the 11 jersey in all star teams for a decade was probably a factor.

Shefflin will be included in the wing and full forward polls, Callinan and Canning will be in contention for 14, Bonner, Hogan and TJ will be nominees for wing forward if they fail to get the 11 jersey.

  • Henry Shefflin - Kilkenny
  • TJ Reid - Kilkenny
  • Richie Hogan - Kilkenny
  • Joe Canning - Galway
  • Séamus Callinan - Tipperary
  • Noel McGrath - Tipperary
  • Bonner Maher - Tipp
  • Ollie Moran - Limerick
  • Austin Gleeson - Waterford
  • Tony Kelly - Clare
  • Niall McCarthy - Cork

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Teej for me


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Will Reid be included elsewhere too?
Himself callinan shefflin canning and eoin Kelly would have to make it so I’d have to vote tactically to get them in

JC lock the thread.

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TJ will be a wing forward option. Unless Henry doesn’t get 11 then Canning and Callinan are into a battle for 14

That’s what I was thinking so if you want shefflin callinan and canning on the team you have to vote against Henry here.
In fact you have to vote for canning or callinan

Is there any way for the cumulative vote to count or is excluding one of the best forwards unavoidable?

Will Shefflin be a wing forward option? Moved around the forward line a lot, often trying to pick out the “weakest link”. You couldn’t pick Canning ahead of Callanan at full forward (most people will)

Canning trying to be manoeuvred out by a wel jelus klare banjo picker.

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I will say one thing here -

None of the others had a good a year as Ollie had in 2007

TJ for me

I won’t be selecting players out of position just to close bar them in. Lads should make each call on its individual merits if possible. If you feel a certain player was the best centre forward then vote for him. If you feel he was better elsewhere then hold off and vote for him in that position. Just like JJ Delaney

Why didn’t you nominate Joe canning for centre back then?
There’s some awful gerrymandering going on

JC all day for me.

Shefflin at his best in the corner, reid better as a roaming 10

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Ollie Moran :joy: :joy:


He’ll probably top it with Reid, Shefflin, Canning cancelling each other out

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Ollie who?

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I’d vote for Shefflin on merit but there’s a Limerick man on the list so my hands are tied.

Nice to see a club hurler from Clare make the list. Very important we don’t forget the clubs


I always preferred Canning at full forward, he repeatedly made goals out of nothing in ways that no other player could, and made it look like it was the most natural thing in the world to him. Without doubt the most skilful player I’ve ever seen. However, Callinan merits inclusion and can only be at full forward, so Canning for 11, flanked by TJ and Shefflin. Shefflin moved around position more than mick is suggesting, regularly detailed to attack whoever kk felt was the weakest link in the opposition defence.

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Canning was only at center forward cos the other Galway lads couldn’t get enough ball into him at full. He’d have done a lot of “wreck” if he’d a proper half forward line supporting him