TFK Hurling Team of the last 20 years - Corner backs

Was a tough enough task to compile these - lot of real steady/solid types but probably a level below the majority of the lads listed like Philly Larkin, Frank Lohan, Eoin Murphy, Shane O’Neill, Damien Reale, Paul Curran who was a better full back etc. Cathal Barrett and Finn are the two best in the game currently - Finn gets in due to this despite his lack of time on the scene and his two back to back all stars are a testament to it.

Everyone can select up to two corner backs - the two with the most votes get the corner back spots

  • Wayne Sherlock - Cork
  • Brian Murphy - Cork
  • Jackie Tyrell - Kilkenny
  • Mick Kavanagh - Kilkenny
  • Paul Murphy - Kilkenny
  • Ollie Canning - Galway
  • Cathal Barrett - Tipp
  • Mikey Cahill - Tipp
  • Noel Connors - Waterford
  • Sean Finn - Limerick
  • Seamus Hickey - Limerick

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Apologies to the three lads who had already voted. i had to cancel the poll and start it again due to an error in it

You left out Seamus Hickey initially?

No, same list of nominees. Just set the initial poll to show the results on vote instead of at close.

Eoin Murphy a noticeable absentee in that list.


Jackie Tyrell & Cathal Barrett

Ollie Canning for one spot but the second one is trickier. Brian Murphy has been an excellent defender for a long time but Paul Murphy from around 2011 to 2015 was outstanding but his firm had dropped since. Tyrell has the medal haul to make the team

I didn’t even see Canning :face_with_monocle:

Jackie Tyrell is the best corner back of the last twenty years.

JT & Canning, not even remotely close.


Finn & Canning. Easy.


Ollie Canning is the best corner back ever and no one else even comes close.

Finn has more Hurling in his shnots than most of the list. Finn and Canning I’d say, though I think Cathal Barret is a decent corner back


Would Mick Kavanagh not be rated above Tyrell in Kilkenny? I think Tyrell was a bit overrated. Went for Canning and Barrett

Finn is the most Over rated player around. He was awful v cork, Clare and kk last year. Has a long way to go to be mentioned in the same breadth as tyrell.


He was very good but that’s nonsense in fairness. How many lads have got the better of Barrett or Finn for example? I don’t see how it’s not even close

Why is JT on the list? Fashion sense? Doesn’t belong there, vastly overrated player. Wasn’t too difficult to be a corner back on that KK side. Mick Kavanagh was better than him ffs and he wouldn’t be anywhere near the conversation either.

Tyrell is mr corner back. An animal and a dog. He cleaned everyone. A proper warrior type. Not much hurling but he was a proper corner back.