TFK Hurling Team of the last 20 years - Full back

Who is the best full back of the last 20 years?

Those unlucky not to make the poll mainly due to a lack of logevity or just being a level below the lads on the poll- Philly Maher, Liam Ryan, Mike Casey, Eoghan O’Donnell, TJ Ryan.

  • Noel Hickey - Kilkenny
  • Diarmuid O’Sullivan - Cork
  • Brian Lohan - Clare
  • Darragh Ryan - Wexford
  • Richie McCarthy - Limerick
  • JJ Delaney - Kilkenny
  • Paul Curran - Tipp
  • Daithi Burke - Galway
  • Peter Kelly - Dublin

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JJ will be included in the half back vote and Paul Curran will be considered as a corner back option if they don’t win the vote here. The others were specialised full backs or where not as effective in other positions

I went for Hickey due to the medal haul and holding the jersey for so long in Kilkenny. I think Lohan’s best days were in the 90s rather than in the 2000s

Darragh Ryan. Hands down.


Lohan overall the best but not post 2000

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Lohan’s best days were in the 90s but he was pretty good in the 2000s despite age and injury gave some massive performances in Croke Park in 2002, 2005 and 2006 despite getting on in years

I have gone for Daithi Burke as it was always a problem position for Galway and without him going in there and excelling I don’t think they go and become the team they have been over the last 5 or 6 years. Hickey was very good full back in an excellent defence, JJ was excellent but i preferred him as a half back. Darragh Ryan was excellent but didn’t have the surrounding cast while the Rock was a youtube full back who had some great highlight moments yet took too many roastings to be considered a great IMHO.

If Richie McCarthy wins the vote then we will just throw our hats at it as the Limerick block vote is just going to descend the polls into madness


JJ 7.

Daithi 3.


The corner and wing backs and forward polls will be a multiple selection option - you will have two votes in the given poll. Top two get the spots. I plan on having the central spots decided first before voting on the lads either side.


Hickey gets my vote. His performance in the 03 final and especially the 06 final on Corcoran were fb masterclass stuff. I don’t think he touched the ball in 06 but anytime Corcoran did he made sure nothing happened with it.

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You’ve a great way with a poll.

I voted for Richie McCarthy because he’s from Limerick


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Stop trying to influence the votes . You put it up fair enough, let the people vote , I’d rather die than vote for a clare cunt like lohan anyway . Just saying .



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What’s the point of your setting up a popular vote but with the proviso that a a limerick player can’t win due to your inherent biases? If Richie wins will you take you ball and go home?

As it would show that the Limerick lads cannot vote in these polls using any type of common sense or impartiality. I think that pretty much everyone else would like to have decent discussion and polls on an interesting subject rather than a blatant popularity contest

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Eh, you’re the fella that can’t show any kind of impartiality, you even wrote your bias down.

I voted for Ritchie, but find it scandalous that Mike Casey was omitted.


I’m voting daithi for exactly the same reason.

You called them out lovely there.