TFK Hurling team of the last 20 years - Full Forward

Callinan’s to lose or could one of the Kilkenny lads steal it? A few lads who were have flashed brilliance at times but not at the level of Power and Callinan making up the numbers.

  • Séamus Callinan - Tipp
  • Richie Power - Kilkenny
  • Martin Comerford - Kilkenny
  • Colin Fennelly - Kilkenny
  • Conor McDonald - Wexford
  • Conor Cooney - Galway
  • Eugene Cloonan - Galway
  • John Conlon - Clare
  • Shane Dowling - Limerick

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Shane O Donnell worthy of nomination ahead of Fennelly, Cooney and McDonald surely big Mick?

He should be in there before Conor fucking McDonald anyway!!!

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Yeah he could have got one. Went with Conlon as he is there since 2009 and deserved a nomination somewhere. Niall Gilligan could also have gotten the Clare nomination. Couldn’t have two Clare lads as the cry babies on here would be whinging about bias

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You’ve fucked SOD here Big Mick, its a mighty sound gesture, but he’s been fucked.

Look it is a one and a half horse race. Anyone after Callinan and Power is only window dressing.

I still can’t believe Martin Comerford won three all stars at full forward

Shane o Donnell must be one of the best players around without an all star?

Callinan Dowling Power (Power the best on that list)

Conlon was / is unreal. I had to go with the Dow though I just couldnt leave him out


Joe Canning?


You are an absolute tampon of a human being


Callinan for me.

Did you not nominate Shane o donnell anywhere big mick?

I didnt

I’ll bow to your superior knowledge but I’m very surprised at that. If I was picking a best current team I’d say I’d have him in the corner.

He’s been bullied by the limerick lads. Soft east Clare type.

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Shane Dowling, you are on a wind up.

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As the kerry football lads say he’s a townie corner forward. Offers something different.