TFK Hurling Team of the Last 20 years - midfield

A few tidy midfielders left out and a few lads who got the nod ahead of them due to being hurler of the year or winning multiple all stars like Shane McGrath and Paul Kelly.
Kevin Moran and Richie Hogan could well have featured here but both will be wing forward nominees.

  • Tommy Dunne - Tipp
  • Brendan Maher - Tipp
  • Paul Kelly - Tipp
  • Shane McGrath - Tipp
  • Jerry O’Connor - Cork
  • Tom Kenny - Cork
  • James ‘cha’ Fitzpatrick- Kilkenny
  • Derek Lyng - Kilkenny
  • Michael Fennelly - Kilkenny
  • Michael Rice - Kilkenny
  • David Burke - Galway
  • Jamie Barron - Waterford
  • Cian Lynch - Limerick
  • Colin Lynch - Clare
  • Lee Chin - Wexford

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Went with Fennelly and Gerry O’Connor

Taking out Kelly and McGrath who were nice hurlers but not at the levels of the others listed I think whatever two are picked here you would have a nice midfield. All have their own strengths and we’re fine players. Tommy Dunne probably had more better days in the 90s but was HOTY in 2001, may not have included him otherwise.

Am leaning towards Lyng and Fennelly

No dodgey !

Fennelly and Maher


Fennelly and David Burke.


I don’t think Lee Chin deserves a spot in this list but I have to do a Limerick on it and vote for him with Michael Fennelly

True ref Dunne & Lynch too.

Fennelly & Burke for me.

Lynch played nine seasons in the 2000s compared to 3 in the 90s. Won an all star in the both decades. Played well up til the end in 2008 at midfield when he was 35.

I’d have Lyng and Burke ahead of him in the all action midfield stakes though, all had/have great engines. Cha and Cian Lynch could do things with the ball that others on the list could only dream of while Barron, Kenny and O’Connor all had great pace. Brendan Maher was solid but I think he has hurled better as a back.

Lyng just edges out Burke for me

Brendan Maher was outstanding in 2010 but never really got to that level at midfield again after breaking his ankle

Fennelly and burke, score getters, good passers, could take control and turn a game better than the rest there. Cha had his moments, but lacked the longevity. The rest good but a step below

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You’d have to say that the Galway bias is every bit as bad as the Limerick one.

You can’t seriously compare limericks one year with teams and players that were prominent for a decade


No Ollie Baker?

Ollie’s best days were behind him at this point.

Lyng and Fennelly by a country mile. They’d ate some of the other lads.


I haven’t.

If Noel McGrath had been moved to midfield 8 or 9 years ago he’d be a shoo-in

He was excellent there this year in fairness and has some wrists. I think experience has stood to him though, would he have had the maturity and work rate for it 7 or 8 years ago is debatable.

Possibly but I think certainly since he came back from cancer he should have been put in midfield sooner