TFK Hurling Team of the last 20 years - Wing Backs

Probably between Paudi and the two Kilkenny lads.

Brendan Maher will be included in the midfield options if he doesn’t make it. Tony Browne won’t as he was more a midfielder in the late 90s.

  • JJ Delaney - Kilkenny
  • Tommy Walsh - Kilkenny
  • Padraig Walsh - Kilkenny
  • Paudie Maher - Tipp
  • Brendan Maher - Tipp
  • Eamonn Corcoran - Tipp
  • John Gardiner - Cork
  • Sean Og O’Halpin - Cork
  • Tony Browne - Waterford
  • Padraig Mannion - Galway
  • Brendan Bugler - Clare
  • Mark Foley - Limerick

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First two in the list for me. P Maher runner up. Close the poll

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I’m sorry but there are only 2 answers here

Walsh & Delaney obviously.


We should make a note of the lads who vote otherwise.

Aside from the odd vote for Pawrick Marr it should be a landslide consensus here

Brendan Bugler. Ah here. :smile:


Just like Nash and Sean Finn he gets the nod by virtue of being a multiple all star winner.

Delaney and (Tommy) Walsh. No need for a poll

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Fist pumping won’t be enough in this poll, you’d feel.

Paudie & Tommy.


Bugler. Mother of Christ.


I voted for JJ at full back so while he’d walk in to this position I’m a little concerned about the validity of my selections

I’d have had JJ at full back because the competition wasn’t so stiff, there’ll be superior hurlers miss out here than Daithi Burke and JJ was a far better full back than him


Tommy Walsh & Brendan Maher for me.

JJ shouldnt be here.

If there is anyone who votes for him then they should be ran off the board

Tony > JJ > Tommy

Aye I’m the same. JJ was the best full back of the period. No doubt.

I can’t leave him out though

You couldn’t choose Brendan Maher above Paudie Maher at wing back if you’re leaving out JJ

Mark Foley

@Big_Dan_Campbell taking the absolute fucking piss now :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Tommy & Paudie.