TFK International Business Travel Thread


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lads, which is quicker to claiom for delayed luggage: insurance or aer lingus?

or do you just claim from both and see which one pays out first?

Cc @Malarkey


A man well in his forties was flying out of Dublin today using a trunki - he had no children accompanying him.

Christ I hate using Ryanair for bidness travel

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Do you wear leisure clothing when travelling on business, regardless of whether meetings are scheduled that day?

J Crew stretch tech chinos are a game changer

I’d often head straight from a reformer Pilates to a meeting in them with savage mental clarity and at the same time dressed appropriately

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Would you ever wear a suit and an open neck shirt to an international business meeting?

All depends on the client in which you are engaging with

I’ve always struck me as a look that screams after Sunday Mass Kilburn 1983.

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Regulator - suit and tie

Client - chinos, shirt, spots jacket

Whilst travelling - never leisure wear because it’s for bums


In America you’d look like a federal agent and spook the reception staff.

It’s all chinos or dark jeans, shirt or half zip or crew neck jumper and maybe a sports jacket/blazer if erring on side of formality.

Suits are more or less gone now other than you’d sometimes see lads wear one to dress up for certain luncheon or dinner events.

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Standard dress for me these days
Travel in a tracksuit

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Changing times it would seem. But again, that’s the way it is everywhere these days.
It’ll be cunts cycling to meetings next with their notes in the front basket. Fuck me……


Would ya ever change into pajamas on a plane.

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I’ve a picture in front of the White House with me bag of notes in the basket of a city bike from a few years back :grinning:

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Remote interviewed a fella last week for a scrum master (project manager) position… You should have seen the get up of this fella, worn ould T shirt, half shaven and couldn’t hear him either (no decent headset).

Standards have slipped savagely on the tech side. Spotted a fella in the office last week with a burst pair of ould white runners on him. Cunt probably earning 80k like.

There’s a serious shift in the mood in the country of late I’ve noticed. People are much more abrasive towards staff merely working in retail outlets, abusing girls or boys about the standard of pears or carrots and then loudly condemning their (staff member) nation of birth.
A gentle inquiry for assistance online is met with a scornful assault or spurious efforts of assistance while tagging their little coterie of like-minded witless cunts that would cause you to despair for your grandchildren.

A growing intolerance and sense of entitlement, coupled with a lack of empathy. It’s bubbling away there alright.