TFK International Business Travel Thread

I’d say the life partner has him well under the thumb. There will be a reckoning for the family time missed.

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No good in it with my unique lens prescription & sore RED EYES from still wearing yesterday’s. And a selection of today’s Aer Lingus flights back from the mainland are already running a couple of hours behind schedule. It’d be some craic waiting there again tonight til close to midnight. Plus, & most importantly, I want to go for a run.

Probably burned through a months worth of brownie points.

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Brownie points are not like a real currency such as dollar/euro that have slight fluctuations. They are like cryptocurrency. You can be a crypto/brownie point millionaire one day and the next day both can be utterly worthless.


I’m in maccys in Shannon.

Who is the Sam Bankman-Fried of the forum so in that case?


You’re back in Borneo?


Can you not see the huge H&W cranes in the photo?

He’s clearly in Havant and Waterlooville

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get some souvenir flegs while youre there

Borneo is nicer.
Belfast seems to be constructed over an open sewer. It smells bad and it’s the first time in a long time I’ve felt slightly anxious walking around at night as it’s full o feral scrotes. It’s like Manchester 20 years ago, and I suspect headed in the opposite direction.