TFK International Business Travel Thread


Even the hygiene aspect of it like, receipts sitting in lads pockets after they finger banging Mary Jane in some seedy back street European whore house.


I always make sure to wrap up when I’m abroad and put all my receipts in a plastic cover.


I find it hard to believe to be honest, it further reinforces my dim view of the backward Oirish, I thought submitting expenses every month or few months went out in the stone age


Try explaining that to an internal audit department.


Back into Terminal 5, over to T1


Best of luck mate. We’re all rooting for you.


Even the self service queue?


It’s a decent trek but the train is a great job.


Can’t use it with kids.


Apologies to all my fellow international business travelers - I am using terminal 2 in Heathrow. A schoolboy error on my part


We go again.

When LCY works, it really is fantastic. 100 mins from wheels up to my hotel room today.


LCY is great, infinitely preferable to LGW or LHR. wouldn’t stay in the area unless I was working in isle of dogs area though.


Signing in from the waiting room of Ireland Inc - 51st and Green

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;


Disgraceful carryon this morning from CityJet. The 0635 to LCY has yet to take off, they announced that they were waiting for other passengers. Turns out they’ve delayed us and they’re now loading passengers from the next flight to LCY.

I booked the 0635 as I have an early meeting, if the later flight would have suited I would have gotten it. I’m seething.




Back at my desk in Dublin, guys. Was 10 minutes late for the meeting in the end. Return journey was seamless thanks to DLR.

Not a bit of snow left in London, all cleared already.


London calling.


Safe travels, pal


Brussels calling, the shithole


I’m in Greggs in Rochdale.