TFK International Business Travel Thread


Jaysus, now there’s a horrifying idea. Thankfully not.


I have to find three months of receipts today. We have corporate cards but if we haven’t submitted the expenses it comes from our personal bank accounts. It’s a fucking nightmare.


A much worse system than the old Gold circle. Have a few points built up and handy for skipping queues at bag drop or check in but lounges are a joke. May just use BA for transatlantic in Q1 2018 although already have one AL flight booked.


Similar system. Forces you to do it quickly because if you don’t there’ll be a gaping hole in your bank account in a week or two.


Lads ye are living in the past FFS. Expsensify you just take a pic of the receipt when you get it, or the following morning or whatever and you can fuck the receipt away then.


Same as Concur. Then add it into the app. Even whatever system they are using surely then can just take a photo of the receipt rather than trying to keep receipts for 3 months? Deary me.


Proper order


Receipts lol. Travel & subsistence is the way to go


These lads work in the real world, where the money doesn’t come from the magic money tree.


The lounges are less pleasant than sitting in a coffee franchise these days, with Cork being an honorable exception. I often don’t bother any more unless I’ve ages to kill.


Manchester Terminal 3 is a fairly grim spot. 10 o’clock in the morning and the pride of England mugging pints to beat the band. Men and women. I’d say some of the flights were a delight to be on.


It was utterly grim at 6am yesterday.
The business lounge was no better. Full of grim faced pensioners stuffing their faces with whatever was on offer. I didn’t even go in. Just headed back downstairs.
If you travel through t3again, go through the main bar/cafe place and turn left. There’s a huge stretch of departure gates and usually no one there.
I can’t figure who’s travelling these days. I had to get out of the cab and walk from the roundabout at six in the morning on a nondescript Monday. You couldn’t even get onto the exit ramp for t1. Manchester is rough as fuck. The business types are all utter wankers also.


They work in banking, the home of the magic money tree


Getting an early flight from Geneva to Heathrow then onto Dublin for a 2pm meeting. Early to bed tonight


Concur is a game changer. It’s changed my life in ways I never thought possible.

Found out recently our personal alcohol allowances have been drastically reduced although client entertainment has been untouched. To get around this on the continent, you will find some restaurants offer a Prix Fixe menu that can include various drinks but just appears as a one line item on your receipt.


That is sensational. :clap:


jesus christ have you muldoons not got an app for that? fiddling around with scraps of paper, fuck sake :rofl:


I had to go through Heathrow last week on the way back from brux. Cunt of a place


Terminal 2 is wonderful compared to some shithole like Gatwick or Stanstead


Terminal 5 is nice, but sweet Lord it’s always seeming to be busy, and passport control is dreadful.