TFK Podcast - Episode 1

By popular demand (thanks KIB Man) we’ve decided to launch our podcast feature. First effort was recorded live in one take (not sure if that’s how these things usually work) so apologies for any poor sound quality.

Episode 1


The uninspiring start to Tony Mowbray’s reign at Celtic has been characterised by glaring defensive deficiencies and the concession of cheap goals. Various partnerships have been tested but problems have persisted throughout the season so far. Celtic have conceded more goals than Rangers, Hibs and Dundee United, sharing a goals against record with sixth place Aberdeen.

With limited financial backing expected in January, who should Mowbray build his defence around for the second half of the campaign? Celtic supporters, Rocko and Bandage, offer their differing perspectives with Jugs providing his unique neutral view.

How does one listen to this???

Sorry was waiting for the file to upload. Good to go now pukey.
:barcasmile: :popcorn:




Took longer to read the post than listen to the thing. :smiley:

A bit harsh, first go and all that. Didn’t want to do a 30 minute rant on one specific topic. Point taken though.

Thought Rocko made some very valid points

Was expecting a catchy jingle as well. :thumbsup:

Good man jugs :thumbsup:

The wider public may want a bit more production value

I believe Flano is going doing one on Hawaiin shrirts, should open this place up to a whole new audience:popcorn:



from little acorns mighty trees grow :thumbsup:

Christ I really hate the Wexford town accent

very poor

Anyway, back to this podcast.

It’s clear who the “interviewer” is, I’m not quite sure who the “interviewee” is

[quote=“Flano”]Anyway, back to this podcast.

It’s clear who the “interviewer” is, I’m not quite sure who the “interviewee” is[/quote]

That’s covered in the preamble, Flano. Not long after the recording a bird approached us and Jugs clicked into gear immediately. Unfortunately, Rocko lurched across to make a quip and dropped a pint of Guinness, which smashed on the ground beside the lady in question and the contents splashed up all over her shoes and tights. The perils of live broadcasting.

I have searched and searched for this on Youtube but to no avail.

Has anyone ever seen the clip of where David Frost is doing some sort of live news broadcast and his nose begins to pump blood. He keeps going and the blood starts streaming down his face and eventually goes into his mouth and all over his teeth.

Almost certain I didn’t dream it.

Ah that’s brilliant. :D:clap:

Presume Rocko is the one with the raw as fuck Dublin accent. Bandage the one with the D4 UCD one with a faint Wexford twang. Who was the fella talking at the start he sounds fairly familiar?

One of the lads from Newstalk