TFK Presidential Election Poll - No 2

Who ya voting for now?

Dana has shot up the polls after her performance in yesterday’s debate, currently polling at 16%!!!

Dana :lol:

Poor auld Gay

What time do polls close Runt?

I’m going to leave it open until about 11 tonight.

46 voted in the original poll so I’d like to get a turn out as close to that as possible.

Will you be running an exit poll tomorrow Runt?

No, consider this an exit poll.

I think the Celtic element here are skewing this poll slightly

I think the Eurovision fanatics on here are skewing this poll slightly

norris should do well in exit poling

I have worked with men like Peter Robinson and Ian Paisley,I am more than capable of winning such an election!

McGuinness No 1

Post of the year!!

Post of the year!!

The People’s President. :clap:

Who voted for Mitchell?

WTB is a staunch FG man

Find it gas that those who will rightly round on Gallagher for his dodgy past, will vote for a man that lies repeatedly about his own and is hostile towards the state in which he wants to become President.

Who are “those” that you’re referring to?

When this poll is seasonally adjusted it’s obvious that Higgins is home and hosed.
All Over, Red Rover.