TFK Volcano testing

This morning I did my own test.

My bedroom is approx 17 feet above sea-level, and while thats not nearly 37,000 feet I still think it was a valid test.
I threw a paper airplane out my window.

Anyway, the results are inconclusive. The flight was brief and I can’t be sure if the results were volcano related.
The plane flew out the window, did a somersault and came back in the window and ‘landed’ upside down on the edge of the bed.
I detailed the test and took some pictures and I’ll send them off to the IAA.
My main concern here is the speed at which the plane was able to change it’s trajectory. The passengers on my paper plane woudl have experienced at least 7 or 8 ‘g’ which would have knocked about 90% of them out.
The other 10% could then have looted the passed out 90% but thats beside the point as it seems everyone perished soon after.

I think other forum members could help the IAA out with more tests like this.

Tomorrow I’m going to push a toy train through a muddy patch in the lawn to simulate the Belfast/Dublin train line should there be an ash fall.

I live to serve.



I think we’ll leave this to our resident aeronautical engineer.

Who is this aeronautical Engineer? Don’t tell me its Artfoley? :smiley:

No, ArtFoley is just aerodynamically designed with his slap head.

Teflon coating to allow volcano dust to run off the surface.
This was tested last night by leaving 2 pans outside, 1 teflon coated, the other being the one I use to grill steak and don’t wash too much cos I’m manky like that.
Anyway, there was no rain, no drizzle so both pans were dry.
I’ll leave them out another night to see what happens.
Actually there was a mouse poo in the grill pan.
Slow day.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Outstanding. Just oustanding :clap:

Those basterds on a go slow would do well to take a leaf out of our Tom’s book when it comes to public service.

The eruption in NZ doesnt seem to have been commented on. Sounds horrific for those caught up in it. One tour group were practically inside the volcano itself when it erupted.

Also that’s a belter of an opening post.


A fair way to go

He obviously no longer posts here, there’s bit of creativity in that post

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You can’t move in NZ for volcanoes.

Auckland is built on a volcano field, there’s tonnes of these little hills and lakes dotted around the city which are the remnants of volcanic cones. One Tree Hill, of U2 and mediocre teen basketball drama fame, is an ex-volcano. The city museum has an exhibition which simulates an eruption of Rangitoto, an island which sits in Auckland Harbour and last erupted 600 years ago. It’s pretty inevitable that at some point a fresh volcano is going to spring up in some fella’s garden over there. The museum, which is well worth a visit, is situated in Auckland Domain, a park which is, of course, itself the remnants of an extinct volcano.

Mt Doom, of LOTR fame, last erupted in the 70s. Taranaki, a ringer for Mt Fuji, last erupted in the 1860s. Taupo, which is in the god-fearin’, humanity-endin’, nuclear-winter bringin’, Yellowstone category of supervolcanoes, last erupted around 200 AD. I’ve been to all three, they are all big tourist spots.

It could have been me.

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No indeed. This is primarily due to “mischief” at a TFK Christmas party back in the day.
The poster involved, while using a previous log-in, made allegations that despite the forums diligence and hunger for investigative reporting remain vague.

Said poster was allegedly sporting a badge announcing himself as, let’s say BMB, as in your case. Things evolved from this we’re lead to believe. It’s folklore at this juncture.

Yours in having vague recollections etc.,


There’s a criminal investigation being launched which confuses me. Are they looking to prosecute tour companies who ignored warnings?

Is it outside Rotorua where there is a geopark and the water is literally boiling coming out of the ground. It’s like a scene from the apocalypse.

Yea. Rotorua is full of geo thermal pools. That whole area is fairly active. Mount Ruapehu and amount Tongariro are two other volcanoes that are active in the area. There’s a ski field on one of them.

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Informative rating.

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It stinks.

This eruption giving posters the chance to boast about their holiday to New Zealand