TFKFHLJPPT 2020 - Sweet 16 - Esteban v Eoghanruadha

@anon78624367 v @eoghanruadha

The my head is sore from picking XV Esteban

  1. Albert Shanahan (2)

  2. Reale (2) 3. The Rock (6) 4. Mickey Cahill (6)

  3. Tony Browne (6) 6. Ronan Curran (8) 7. Aidan Harte (2)

  4. Galvin (6) 9. Barron (8)

  5. Mark O’Leary (4) 11. David Breen (4) 12. Niall Mac (4)

  6. Richie Power (6) 14. Farragher (4) 15. Eddie Brennan (8)

Kelly’s Heroes Eoghanruadha

  1. James McGarry (4)
  2. Mick Kavanagh (4) 3. Paul Curran (2)4. Noel Connors (4)
  3. Eamon Corocoran (4) 6. Ronan Maher (4) 7. JJ Delaney (12)
  4. Derek Lyng (6) 9. Jerry O Connor (6)
  5. Timmy McCarthy (2) 11. Seamus Prendergast (2) 12. DJ Carey (10)
  6. Eoin Kelly (Capt.) (12) 14. Conor Clancy (2) 15. Luke O’ Farrell (2)


  • Esteban
  • Eoghan

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Match Summary -

Although Esteban is fielding some fine stick men most notably his corner men, at both ends ; unfortunately the result is a form of anti-synergy. That is the sum of the parts do not perform adequately together. Too many historically proven weaknesses, an ineffective half forward line leaving far too much pressure elsewhere on the field

Although there is some potential in the inside forward line they are starved of possession by the total and utter dominance of Kelly’s heroes halfback line and midfield. It’s a quiet day for the most decorated full back line in hurling; Kavanagh, Curran & Connors. There’s a lot of hurling left in this year’s competition but some media outlets are touting this configuration of 2-3-4 as the best in the business, arguably History. Stiffer tests lie ahead. It also seems inevitable that given the current trajectory James McGarry will continue the pursuit of his first All Star award beyond this season.

It summed up the afternoon adequately when McGarry and the 2 umpires chatted openly and exchanged jokes as they peacefully watched the last 14 minutes of the game ultimately unfold as a backs and forwards session at their opposite end.

Speaking of the other End, Ronan Curran battered and bruised from his last encounter with Seamie Pender(Curran doesn’t like a physical opponent) just wilts under the relentless physical pressure and an impotent midfield pairing offering no support which leaves the halfback line bewildered and exposed. Tony Browne a ball player given the mission of tracking Carey under such conditions was akin to watching a bizarre Japanese Gameshow where the contestant berates his own genatalia to the amusement of the crowd.

Whilst the Estebans corner backs have their merit the damn inevitably bursts. A massive goal haul on the day attributed to some degree to the interchange between Kelly and Carey at the edge of the square. It was as good as a white flag that when in the 56th minute The Rock fell for a third time as a Carey pirouette left him struggling for both footing and dignity: Unlike the great J.C. Easter Sunday, O’ Sullivan did not rise again.

As much however as Kelly’s Heroes front 8 were relentlessly effective, a chunk of Esteban s woes were self-inflicted. Their choice goalkeeper whose name escapes me, incredulously insisted on batting or trying to control what would be considered even the most routine of catching opportunities. Instead of opting to secure possession immediately with the paw on no less than four occasions placid ball was batted directly to on running forwards to simply sweep the ball to the net. O Farrell and Clancy the benefactors, both raising green flags on the double.

Tough one. @anon78624367 has the edge in most positions but with JJ, Carey and Kelly any team has a chance. Can JJ dominate to such an extent that Kelly and Carey enough damage up front to win? It’s close but Esteban’s midfield wins hands and the result is Kelly and Carey won’t get enough service to post the scores. Esteban wins with JJ man of the match.

His half forward line is woeful.

How the fuck did Albert shanahan get picked for this game ?


My team is solely designed around getting the ball as quick as possible into that full forward line. The half back line are all excellent stick men, with good brains and the ability to play sharp accurate ball into that deadly full back line. If needed Harte could sweep in front of the full back line and Galvin drop in to provide cover.

Midfield is a mix of energy, speed, intelligence and raw hurling ability. They’d be a super complement to each other. Barron has to running ability to create gaps and Galvin has the ability pop scores from deep or again hit lasers into the full forward line.

The half forward line again is a balance of stopping and effective half back line with some pace and braun, also, 2 of the 3 had a unique ability to ghost in for goals and feed off the expected carnage in the full back line.

Full forward line, Brennan and Power will oftentimes be left inside in a two man with Farragher dropping deep to add a deep threat to the half forward line, Farragher obviously is on Frees and sidelines.

The full back line has two sticky, fast tidy stick men alongside the rock who adds raw aggression. A team built around, speed of foot and mind, with no lacking for the dark arts

This is the level of aggression being brought here today

Interesting tactic picking a two man forward line for eoghan, means estys backs can focus on the two stars and leave the filler to their own devices. High energy Midfield too can’t be discounted.

Looking at the county mix eoghan has gone heavy cork and kk. After the stepford wives comments it’ll be a house divided… No treatymen also is a brave move

The half forward line is picked with purpose, plenty of pace, energy and brawn, two of them had a unique ability to ghost in and feed off passes from the full forward line for goals.

Niall Mac was as good an ignorant half forward as ever played the game, they wouldn’t allow that half back line a minutes peace

The team is very balanced also, with every player picked in their best position

An example of what I’m talking about with Breen and O’Leary

2 to 9 I liked Estebans team then he lost me. Farragher would be lost at 14.

A bomb scare of a forward line truth told.

Farragher would be free to move about wherever he wanted. Richie Power would spend more time at 14. The plan with Farragher was to leave him drift pack and pick up breaking ball off McCarthy and Breen, and throw over a few points from out the field.

Brennan and Richie Power?

His forward line has Luke O’Farrell, Timmy McCarthy, Pender and Clancy,

All i have to do is mind Eoin Kelly with Reale and have a double marking job done on the dodger.

He’s gone all out for two headline acts that could be shackled quite easily

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Kavanagh & Connors. Shows over if they get on top

My full back line absolute eats his full forward line
My half back line would be feeding in so much ball against that half forward line, the boys inside would do absolute wreck.

Niall Mac > Timmy Mac
David Breen > Seamie Pender

Richie Power > Conor Clancy
Eddie Brennan > Luke O’Farrell

That’s 4 out of 6 - and you’re calling mine a bombscare

Also Kavanagh and Conners were never the paciest, I think Brennan could go to town on either of them to be honest, and with the pace of Breen and O’Leary busting through the middle, either going for scores or popping ball over a full back line coming out the meet them, I fail to see how this team doesn’t put up goals against that back 6. The amount of breaks won 5-9 and all of those lads ability to play good sharp accurate, forwards ball. Myself and yourself would score Har

Brennan has two in two minutes on Noelie Connors

Richie power heavily involved in both

another thing, if JJ was dominating, I’d switch Breen on to him who’s pure size and athleticism and awkwardness was an oft used tactic to nullify a dominant half back

Can you recall any other big awkward half forwards that troubled him as a half back? Only lads I recall troubling him were the likes of Kerins, Gearoid Ryan etc who drifted back towards midfield and pulled him into places he didn’t want to go and then had the mobility and hurling to do something with the ball when they got away from him.

He was playing alongside better half backs than Corcoran and ronan Maher.

There are huge pace issues in his back 6. 4 of my 6 are lightning fast with huge engines and the ability to draw lads all over the field

You are taking all the positive traits of your forwards and completely disregarding their negatives though.