TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - Preliminary Heat 1 - Hurleys Up v Fagan's XV

Welcome to the first heat of TheFreeKick Hurling Dream Joe Player Perpetual Trophy 2020. I would like to wish all our sides the very best of luck and thank you all for voting on what is the most auspicious of occasions.

First up we have Hurleys Up v Fagan’s XV

Hurleys Up.

  1. J.McGarry (Cill Chainnigh) 4

  2. D.Reale (Luimneach) 2 (Capt) 3. N.Hickey (Cill Chainnigh) 8 4. M.Casey (Luimneach) 4

  3. T.Browne (Port Lairge) 6 6. B.Hogan (Cill Chainnigh) 6 7. R.Maher (Thiobraid Arann) 4

  4. C.Lynch (Luimneach) 8 9. A.Fenlon (Loch Garman) 4

  5. S.Prendergast (Port Lairge) 2 11. N.McCarthy (Corcaigh) 4 12. T.McCarthy (Corcaigh) 2

  6. D.Hayes (Gaillimh) 6 14. D.Shananan (Port Lairge) 8 15. J.Deane (Corcaigh) 8

Fagan’s XV

Stephen O Keeffe 6

Mick Kavanagh 4 -Philip Maher 4 - Frank Lohan 2

John Gardner 6- Sean McMahon 10 -Ronan Maher 4

Tom Kenny 6 - Adrian Fenlon 4

Seamus Harnedy 6-Richie Power 6-Danny Sutcliffe 4

Damien Hayes 6-Seamus Prendergast 2-Andrew O Shaughnessy 6

Ronan Maher, Adrian Fenlon, Damien Hayes and Seamus Prendergast line out for both sides.

  • Hurleys Up (Un-Reale)
  • Fagan’s XV (Fagan O’Dowd)

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Keepers - All square
FBL - can’t have Maher over Hickey +1 Hurleys Up
HBL- Fagans comfortably - All square
MF - Lynch beats Kenny - +1 Hurleys Up
HFL- Fagan by a bit - All square
FFL - Hurleys for me- Hurley +1

Hurley by a point.

MOTM - Cian Lynch

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Seamie Pender and Ronan Maher will be utterly exhausted by the time we get to the final rounds.


I’m torn here. Fagan has been too conservative but how csn I vote for a team with Damien fucking Hayes in it?

Fuck, they both have him. Jesus.

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@Fagan_ODowd here I reckon.

He’s up against a very weak FB line & HF line so he’ll take this with a bit to spare.

This whole thing will come down to a poster popularity contest :grinning::+1:

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Ok my lot are lining out in the traditional fashion. No sweepers 15 v 15. Don’t plan on using short puck outs unless the other crowd draw a forward back in which case we’ll be playing it short to Mick Kavanagh who can boom it down on top of the full forwards and the two nippy corner men can feed off the breaks. Otherwise it’s a long puck out to the half forwards all of whom will be able to compete for their own ball.

Tom Kenny in midfield will look for the breaks and run at their defence. Fenlon will pull first time to the corner men.

Fenlon will also hold the middle at all times. Kenny can roam.

Our half backs are the fulcrum of the team. Gardiner, if Shanahan comes out on you switch with Maher. We don’t want a repeat. Seanie, you were never bested by any man. Declan Ryan got close once or twice but that’s about it - keep it up. Frank Lohan you’ll be too sticky for Hayes and Kavanagh you know how to manage Joe Deane.

Richie Power and Seamus Pender- switch in and out to your hearts content. Seamus Harnedy you have too much pace and muscle for Tony Browne, he’s twice your age for fuck sake. Take him on. He’ll have to foul you and Shocks is 100% on the frees. Seanie you’re on the long frees. You’ve never missed one. Shocks you take the penalties. Those corner backs won’t be able for your pace.

Adrian you’re on the line balls.

Best of luck.


Andrew o shaughnessy edges it for me.

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I’m hearing that Power is carrying a knock.

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I’d fancy a much stronger full-forward line for Hurleys Up to nick this for the Hurleys Up-siders.

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Cmann to fuck out of it referee. He grabbed his fucking helmet.

Grand crowd in for this for an early round game, I’m going to estimate 19,057

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In my relative value chart I rate Fagan’s as a 40/45 team and Un-Reale a 35.

i would also fancy Fagan’s half backline and half forward lines to come out on top in the collective battles. His half backline would be way too savvy for that agricultural half backline who might break even for the first quarter before that half backline dominate more and more as the game goes on

If only he was drawn against me. He’d be sorted then.

If both posters throw up a piece on their team, can we get it in the OP?

This is a very tough one to call.

With my team I’d be looking to build a gameplan of hitting my full forward line as quickly as possible, they have way more power for that full back line and have the potential to do wreck inside.
The half forwards are pure work horses and will win ball all day and will limit there half back line. This also give James McGarry plenty of options with the option of Dan to come out aswell if needed. McGarry can go short aswell to Ronan Maher Tony Browne on the wings or Mike Casey in the corner.
Brian Hogan and Noel Hickey are tanks of men and they will form a rock solid spine. They will hold there positions and command the middle. HOTY '18 Cian Lynch is the link man all over the pitch. They’ll get that ball inside and that full forward line will get the scores.
Joe Deane close range frees.
Ronan Maher/Tony Browne long range.
Ronan Maher sidelines.

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GK - All square
FB - Hurleys up
HB - All Square
MF - Hurleys up
HF - Fagan
FF - Hurleys up

Hurleys up it is

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I dunno about Fagan’s half-forward line. Harnedy is hit and miss for my money and Sutcliffe is/was a a one-season wonder. Does Richie get on enough ball if the tide is against him? That is a powerful half-back line he has though, they might swing it for him. I’m reserving judgement for now.

I like Fagan’s half-forward line tbh. For me, he has the weaker full-forward line but has a half-forward line which can work & get scores. Unreale’s half-forward line are all good workers but not much of a scoring threat. But then- Hayes, Dan & Deane inside…