TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - Super 8s - glasagusban v eoghanruadha

@glasagusban v @eoghanruadha or the first semi final spot

@glasagusban has so far had wins over Un-reale and Fagan O’Dowd

Glas’s XV

James Skehill 4

Damien Reale 2-Paul Curran 2 -Seamus Hickey 4

Ken McGrath 10 -Gearoid McInerney 2-10-Anthony Daly 6

Cian Lynch 8-Ciaran Carey 10

Seamus Harnedy 6-Danny Sutcliffe 4-Seamus Prendergast 2

Dotsy O’Callaghan 4-Eugene Cloonan 6-Andrew OShaughnessy 6


@eoghanruadha has gotten this far accounting for raylan and esteban

Kelly’s Heroes

  1. James McGarry (4)

2 Mick Kavanagh (4) 3. Paul Curran (2)4. Noel Connors (4)

5 Eamon Corocoran (4) 6. Ronan Maher (4) 7. JJ Delaney (12)

8 Derek Lyng (6) 9. Jerry O Connor (6)

10 Timmy McCarthy (2) 11. Seamus Prendergast (2) 12. Conor Clancy (2)

13 Eoin Kelly (Capt.) (12) 14. Luke O’ Farrell (2) 15. DJ Carey (10)


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A game where both half backlines will dominate. Will come down to three main match ups - which keeper is likely to not fuck up and whether Reale and Hickey can nullify DJ and Eoin Kelly’s impact or whether Jerry O’Connor and Derek Lyng can nullify Carey and Lynch.


Highly unlikely

The XV shade this one

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Kelly’s Heroes have had a fine run, but it ends here.

DJ and JJ on the same pitch, conversation over. Up Eoghan Rua, up Coolagh, up d’Lockes!!!

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Kilkenny were getting a bye to the all ireland semi final for years ,

Relocating Clancy to half forward will be the move that gets @eoghanruadha over the line here, that 3 man HF line will spoil and disrupt @glasagusban’s HB line all day long + they’ll win plenty of ball. Midfield is very tight but @eoghanruadha will just shade it, some fellas would have you believe that Carey & Lynch would lord it over a combination that has 8 all-Ireland winners medals between them. Kelly and Carey will then do untold to that FB line.

Has to be @eoghanruadha the more I think of it


Lyng and O’Connor would be a fine midfield. O’Connor’s pace and Lyng’s all round game would work very well together. Glas has two very good hurlers in midfield and would win on pure technical ability but I doubt there is a midfield which would “lord it” against Eoghan’s two. I’d certainly prefer to be relying on Lyng and Gerry stopping the two boys that Reale/Hickey to limit DJ and Eoin Kelly all things being equal.

Also very hard to have full faith in Ciaran Carey as a 10 pointer when you have seen him in championship hurling where he had the towel thrown in early in the second half and gave up marking/tracking runs to allow a far inferior hurler stick over points for fun. Mercurial is all well and good but for every game it will win you it will also cost you.


Thought I’d have had the opportunity to make my tactical switches. McGrath goes to centre back for this one, with GMac shifting back to the wing.

Mick coming in heavy on the limerick players early doors. The mask has well and truly slipped.

It’s a tactic he’s used consistently looking to get the anti Limerick vote, now he’s doing it for what he considers the weaker opposition so his path to the final will be easier.

A clever boy is our @Big_Dan_Campbell

That was meant as a reply to @glasagusban

Limerick lads seething that someone might question Ciaran Carey’s character :sweat_smile:

You couldn’t make it up

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You almost broke your bodhran when I questioned Tony Griffin the other day


That’s a clamping.

Did Tony Griffin ever throw in the towel in a championship match like Carey did?

The character of a lad who walked out on ever team he ever managed.

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you’ve cost @eoghanruadha a vote here.

Sorry @eoghanruadha the commish is playing silly buggers

Nail on the head there. The Limerick posse won’t like it and I know it’ll damage our chances in this but it has to be said


Allegiances have been formed.