TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - Super 8s - themanhimself v watchyourtoes

@the_man_himself v @Watchyourtoes

@The_Man_Himself has gotten this far with wins over carryharry and liquorice_pipes

James McGarry (4)

Cathal Barrett (6) Paul Curran (2) Michael Kavanagh (4)

Tommy Walsh (12) Ronan Maher (4) Chris Crummey (2)

Shane McGrath (4) Cian Lynch (8)

Dan McCormack (4) Seamus Harnedy (6) Danny Sutcliffe (4)

Conor Whelan (6) Richie Power (6) Dotsy O’Callaghan (4)


spare no timber @Watchyourtoes has gotten this far win wins over blake and halfpipe

Joe “One ball” Quaid 6

Sean Finn 6-Daithi Burke 8-Frank Lohan 2

Tony Browne 6-Gearoid McInerney 2-Jackie Tyrell 6

Derek Lyng 6-“Iron” Mike Houlihan 4

Patrick “Bonner” Maher 6- John “Tank” Carroll 4-Niall McCarthy 4

Donie Ryan 2-DJ " The Dodger" Carey 10-Ger Farragher 4

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It’ll be interesting to watch @Big_Dan_Campbell trying to sabotage this one

There is only one fella sabotaging ties here and it isn’t me. Every team you have gone out to bat for has lost.

Go for another lie down there for yourself


Who’s taking the frees for @the_man_himself ?

Be under no illusions we are seen as the low hanging fruit left in the tournament & are the clear underdog left now but when one really examines this game the key match ups have all the makings of another upset.

Bonner or Niall Mc will get little to no change off Tommy but they will certainly prevent him from dictating matters and giving the needed platform. Burke & Finn will take Power & Whelan respectively in the key battles.

The midfield sector is intriguing as the highly competitive, highly combative duo of Derek Lyng & Mike Houlihan take on Lynch & Shane McGrath, I believe our two men can get a real grip here.

Possibly the most crucial duel where the Timbers can make hay is DJ on Paul Curran, we will withdraw Donie & Ger to crowd out the sector and isolate these two for DJ to make hay and he will do absolute reck inside.

I have confidence in my group of backs to once again give the team a foothold and pull off another huge win.

I think this is fairly straightforward. DJ is his only scoring threat. Paul Curran is a very good man marker and I don’t think Watchyourtoes’ team will be supplying great ball into him in any case.

I have met arrogant coaches before, your faith in Curran is misplaced as is your faith in my lads lack of firepower…

Who are you rooting for here you crook?

Two horrendous teams. How the fuck did they get this far

My team is excellent

@Watchyourtoes wins this easily. McGarry curse striking again.

Crummy is headless and likely to get the line, mcgrath was the worst Midfielder in the country the last few years of his career, mccormack is nothing special, sutcliffe cold more than hot and dotsy stood out on a bad dublin forward line sean finn would destroy him

Watchyourtoes has the edge at keeper and full backline on paper. I wouldn’t rate Houlahan or Shane McGrath all that highly and I would see both left half backs as weaknesses due to Crummy being a hot head and Tyrell being a corner back.

I would slightly lean towards the man himself as I think he had a more balanced forward line but can be swayed by whoever can come up with the most convincing argument for or against either side

Daithi and sean finn are the best corner back full back options in this

Crummey is a fine player and hasn’t got sent off in 3 or 4 years as far as I can see. Shane McGrath won an All Star in his second last year after being excellent in the two All Irelands in 2014. Sutcliffe consistently scores from play and Sean Finn probably would get the better of Dotsy but that’s only one position

For clarity, Lohan will be taking the weak link in Dotsy, Finn will be detailed on Whelan. This side puts the flex in flexibility.

Sutcliffe averages around a point a game in championship hurling. Lad shave seriously overstated his ability during this competition

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Is this allowed?

Depends who you are

Massively. He’s a media darling as the most skilful player dublin have produced. Flower in a bed of rocks stuff but hes a quick wristy wing forward that disappears for whole halves. Ten a penny down the country