TFKHDTJPPT 2020 - Sweet 16 - Halfpipe v watchyourtoes

Let It In XV - @Halfpipe

Mickey Crimmins 2

Mick Kavanagh 4 Daithi Burke 8 Frank Lohan 2

Eamon Corcoran 4 Sean Mcmahon 10 Aidan Harte 2

Tony Kelly 8 Tom Kenny 6

Larry Murphy 4 Niall McCarthy 4 Timmy Mccarthy 2

John Troy 6 Eugene Cloonan 6 Eddie Brennan 8

spare no timber @Watchyourtoes

Joe “One ball” Quaid 6

Sean Finn 6-Daithi Burke 8-Frank Lohan 2

Tony Browne 6-Gearoid McInerney 2-Jackie Tyrell 6

Derek Lyng 6-“Iron” Mike Houlihan 4

Patrick “Bonner” Maher 6- John “Tank” Carroll 4-Niall McCarthy 4

Donie Ryan 2-DJ " The Dodger" Carey 10-Ger Farragher 4


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@Halfpipe Was bumping his gums with confidence before my team had even played their opening round, his words in true GAA tradition were pinned all around our changing room walls & now it’s a case of ramming them down his throat with the help of our public following.

Mine is a team you can ill afford to enter battle with when they have a game under the belt already, we will fly out of the traps again with early majors & will take monumental effort to reel back in.

Too many nicknames on @Watchyourtoes team for my liking.


Welcome to the preliminary round.

The “Let it In” lads will struggle to get scores against that set of backs. Five baysts of men and Tony.

I don’t care for your attitude

You would be same if you had to manage the sheer pig ignorance of my charges.


I was always very confident about this one and now that it’s a beautiful summers day with the pitch in great order I can’t see any way my lot will be troubled by the collection of mullockers (and DJ) @Watchyourtoes has cobbled together from 8 up.
Tactics are fairly simple, that is an incredible full forward line of class and craftiness, there is at least 3-8 from play sitting in there so the ball has to go in. A further 5 or 6 pints are coming from a very talented midfield, a point apiece from a hardworking half forward line that will keep the ball moving and then the customary 2 long range frees from McMahon.
I also am not sure that the opposition have what’s needed on the line for championship hurling, McInerney at 6 in a dream team shows a woeful lack of imagination that will be exposed in the white heat of championship. If twas a league game in February I’d be nervous, but it looks fairly straightforward here.

Halfpipes corner backs will have it handy but their wing backs will be under pressure. But reliance on Tony Browne to do a lot of covering and hurling though.
Lyng can quiten one of the midfield but Houlahan will struggle for legs you would feel in there.

May well come down to the Daithi Burke match ups and just how much pressure halfpipies half forward line can put in to stop direct ball into DJ. If they break even then watch your toes is in trouble


Marty Morrissey-esque

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DJ would light up Cummings in goals in the first 30 seconds , browne would run all day for you in this weather.

I’m predicting 4 goals for @Watchyourtoes today, whether that’s enough to win it, I’m not sure yet.

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It’s Crimmins in goal, a lad with 3 club All-Irelands and who has been dealt with harshly in this thing by being rated worse than James Skehill. Crimmins was a more than decent keeper, he conceded little really in championship hurling but just never looked commanding behind some very ropey fullback lines. Shouldn’t be a problem for him behind the line he has in this though.

I initially thought @Halfpipe had the class to win out here but I’m actually leaning towards an upset. @Halfpipe’s arrogance will be his undoing

The management style is more Babs than Derek ‘just delighted to be here, it will be a real test’ Mcgrath - il be apologising to nobody for it

@Halfpipe 's full forward line will win this match for him. A serious strike force.

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Great to see the knowledgable hurling posters clock-in for the evening shift.

A spine of gearoid mac, mike houlihan and john carroll aint for shit

I love WYT’s full-back line, I really do and I think it will be needed against Halfpipe’s full-forward line which looks serious. I’m less certain about his half-back line but at the same time, you could see Browne lording it and there isn’t the greatest scoring threat there from Halfpipe.

Midfield is an interesting battle, WYT really needs Lyng to keep Kelly quiet.

There is huge pressure on DJ to get scores for WYT. The Bonner & Niall Mac will cause plenty of bother alright but I don’t see that full-forward line getting much change out of that full-back line. I just don’t think DJ can do it all on his own this time, against what is a formidable outfit and although WYT’s full-back line may even get the better of the full-forward line, you’re not going to keep them all scoreless.

Halfpipe by 4.

is timmy mccarthy invisible or something when lads see him on a XV?