TFKHDTJPPT - Semi final - Eoghanruadha v Aristotle

@eoghanruadha v @Aristotle

has gotten this far accounting for raylan, esteban and glas

Kelly’s Heroes

  1. James McGarry (4)

2 Mick Kavanagh (4) 3. Paul Curran (2)4. Noel Connors (4)

5 Eamon Corocoran (4) 6. Ronan Maher (4) 7. JJ Delaney (12)

8 Derek Lyng (6) 9. Jerry O Connor (6)

10 Timmy McCarthy (2) 11. Conor Clancy (2) 12. Seamus Prendergast (2)

13 Luke O’ Farrell (2) 14 Eoin Kelly (12) 15. DJ Carey (10)


@Aristotle has beaten Bandage, Thomas Brady and Fran thus far.

Gary Maguire (4)

Damien Reale (2)-Paul Curran (2)-Sean Finn (6)

John Gardiner (6)-Declan Hannon (captain) (6)-Tony Browne (6)

Tom Kenny (6) -Brendan Maher (8)

Seamus Harnedy (6)-Seamus Prendergast (2)-Timmy McCarthy (2)

Andrew O’Shaughnessy (6) (free-taker)-Richie Power (6)-Eddie Brennan (8)

May the best team win

  • Eoghanruadha
  • Aristotle

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A nice round selection put together by @Aristotle here. A really well-balanced side, slow and steady wins the race however is not an anecdote applicable to the game of hurling.

Carey & Kelly will once again terrorise the opposition full back line. Its been interesting to note that the games thus far in the competition involving Kellys Heroes have brought in far higher than average attendances. Even in the virtual world the hypothetical Kelly/Carey partnership draws a crowd. The duo decorated with a combined 15 all stars do not disappoint.

John Gardner & Tony Browne both of whom have struggled in the past with bigger more physical men must endure an afternoon of being walked on by Seamus Prendergast & Timmy McCarthy respectively. The breaking of the defence however takes place in the pivotal area. Conor Clancy moves to 11 where his ball winning no nonsense style drives a stake through the heart of the opposition. His suitor: a converted forward lauded for a single season at number 6 in which he picked up his sole Celtic Cross remains untested in the defensive dark arts. Clancy sets the tone here. Much like a bad rendition of Caledonia, this ends on a flat note for Hannon.

At midfield there is a battle to be had; Tom Kenny has his value but always considered the understudy to Jerry O Connor, that commentary remains. I like Brendan Maher, nothing but admiration from this poster towards the Bursa-Lee man. Excellent stickman, great engine and as honest as the day is long. Therein lies an issue, Derek Lyng possessed all those qualities with an additional characteristic. I hope the sensitivities of the TFK posters will excuse the crudeness of commentary that follows but there is no delicate way to put it, Lyng when required could be an absolute Cunt……Midfield battle won.

JJ Delaney stands imperious on the left wing, no elaboration required. I admire the addition of muscle in the half forward line, namely Pender & McCarthy. Without silk to line the leather they remain in the tried hard parameter for this fixture. Ronan Maher & Eamon Corcoran proven winners who can mix it as required. A facile victory here.

Finally, to the other end where no real sting exists. The grading of the players here at 13,14 & 15 might even suggest consistency. Not the case, the player chosen at number 13 made one appearance in an All-Ireland final. The result a scoreless runner up medal. Power at full forward for all his natural ability rarely grabbed a leading role. Curran has the measure of this one as Richie looks to others all too often for inspiration.

Eddie Brennan marches toward Mick Kavanaghs corner, not his usual berth at top of the right but a threat nonetheless. Today Brennan is marshalled by a 4 time All Star and 8 time All Ireland winner, its not often the Graigue Ballycallan will meet his match but today we’re safe as houses.

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Yeah but @Aristotle is from Lim-rick, Lim-rick.


There’s no doubt that Eoghan has some top players but he has more than his fair share of distinctly average ones too.

There is simply no scoring threat in his half-forward line. Now, mine is quite similar but the addition of Harnedy makes a big difference, supplemented with Richie Power. That extra threat gives me more options and allows Timmy & Pender to just do what they do. Timmy is there to harass JJ and I fancy my chances of getting on top elsewhere.

Obviously the big question is can I limit Kelly & Carey. If I even half put the shackles on one, I just don’t think he has enough firepower elsewhere to get the win. Reale matched up well against Kelly in the past, and Finn is as suited to anyone to take on Carey. Luke O’Farrell is the other forward…

While it’s vital to have a good mix of workers and scorers, I think my opponent has gone too far in the direction of mullockers and I just have a better blend all over the pitch, particularly in terms of scoring options.

The subtle changes @eoghanruadha has made will be the difference here. @Aristotle’s full back line will be chasing shadows all day, at least a goal apiece from the 2 legends of the game.

A rare off day for Eddie Brennan but it is well known in Kilkenny circles that Kavanagh often had the measure of him in those famous training matches


Semi finals and finals are for winning and you are looking for men of a winning temperament and experience. The likes of Browne, Seamus and O Farrell would be black marks against Eoghan while Browne, Harnedy, Shaughs and Reale would be black marks against Aristotle.


I ain’t got no Browne.

Apologies, meant Connors.

Didn’t Maguire let Pat Horgan flick a soft enough goal past him after he made a balls of gathering it in the 2013 semi when the fat was in the fire? Another one of suspect temperament

Deed an he did - Fantastic assist from O Farrell.

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Can anybody from outside Limerick or Tipperary verify whether Damien Reale really did hold his own or even get the better of Eoin Kelly in their duels?

I can’t recall all the marking arrangements of Tipp Limerick games of that era but I do recall Reale doing well on Kelly in one or two of the trilogy games, but I also think he was sent off early enough for two yellows on Kelly in one of the games too. Or maybe that was another year.

Reale got two yellows in the first match of the trilogy. Deserved in fairness, like all quality corner backs he had a lovely edge to him.

Was sent off early enough, I’d say after 20 mins. Kelly was dropped for Game 2 but I’m sure he came on and Reale snuffed him out, as he usually did in their tussles.

Who marked Kelly the year he ran riot in 2006? For some reason I have Mark Foley in my head but don’t ever really recall him playing corner back

Rasher. He was corner back. I think Reale was sent over to tell rasher to move and rasher told him to fuck off. Or so the story goes

Foley, he refused to be taken off Kelly even as he was being cleaned in the corner.

Limerick fired in two early goals, kept a clean sheet but still lost by 4 or 5 points.

Limerick had a goal chalked off at the end too

Can’t remember but I wasn’t at that match.

Was doing my final exams in college at the time, had an exam the next day at 9am. Got through it anyway, thank God. (The exam I mean, not the championship defeat)

One of those time’s where you’d think to yourself. I’d genuinely do a better job managing this team than that lad.
Foley was slow for half back and the loosest marker you’d ever see like


Lucey was centre forward the same day. Donie wing forward. The forwards got cleaned and we still almost got a draw.

We were three points down and I think Begley got called correctly for a square ball.

That was peak Begley.

Threw everything into the league that year, got swatted aside by Kilkenny in the final in Thurles only a week or two before that Tipp defeat. The players were running on empty for the first round of the Munster championship! Crazy.

The hammering in Ennis a few weeks later was probably as low we fell, down there with Offaly in 2003 and the semi final of ‘09 anyway.

Then Richie came in and on pure passion alone we almost caught Cork in Thurles. Niall Moran took O’hAilpin for five or six from play that day.

The hurling championship structure back then in 2006 was a bit mad, when you think of it.