TFK's Far Right - Watch thread (no spongers allowed)

You’d nearly feel sorry for the simpletons who don’t even realise they are being conned by these leeches.


You know what, the world is gone fucking mental, this lad can go around harassing people as he wishes and nobody is gonna punch him in the face, if he had the society he wanted he’d be buried by somebody close to the women that he’s harassing.
I’d love to break his legs


Captain birdseye saw an opening anyway

Gary calls out the far right. Trying to turn people against the immigrants and the poor.

I could have shared this podcast on ten threads.

Seems to be a big furore on twitter about some black kid in Limerick called Benga, making videos where he puts shaving cream on other young lads, looks fairly shitty in fairness but not sure it has anything to do with race.
Headbangers love that shit

The headbangers don’t like a bit of craic

This Connell fella is from Galway and he’s apparently the partner of that chancer Tracey O’Mahoney who scammed 150k out of a GoFundMe to challenge Covid restrictions and then ran off with the money. He often goes by the name “Satirical Soldier” online.

What a nice character he is.

Roderic O’Gorman seriously needs to sue these cunts and bankrupt them.

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Fuck me they are absolutely deranged those lads

Same reporter was encircled in Coolock a week or two ago with that Philip Dwyer headbanger doing most of the talking that time.

Have a reasonable conversation and intellectual debate :laughing:

Last weeks rumour.

First i heard tbf

It was doing the rounds last week. Neighbour of mine is a member of the sports centre and manager denied it point blank, make of that as you will.

Mind you I’ve also heard they’re not taking any more wedding bookings from August. :man_shrugging:

Big place for weddings tbf. Grand venue. Very poor on portions of veg and spuds. Im sure the asylum seekers will be outraged

The 70 modular homes going up right behind it will no doubt keep it going.

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