TFK's Far Right - Watch thread (no spongers allowed)

He seems to have a bit of money behind him. I think some headbanger group in the us maybe funding him

@Fagan_ODowd won’t like this result.

What have Blighe, Pepper, and co, have to say about this wan?

“Brits out”?

coolock far right camp has been smashed at last


A deckchair in Benidorm beats a deckchair in Coolock I guess.

Terrible timing. I have business down the malahide road today

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Is it a bank holiday in Coolock today - why do they all have a day off work?

The Eurostore McGregor in the camouflage t shirt would be put down in any country if he went behind a policeman in that threatening way.

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Why are your boys setting places on fire?

Some amount of “hold me back” fellas on display there.

There are fellas here who consider Healy-Rae a “Marxist”. :joy:

I dunno but I feel sorry for him here and I can see why absolutely nobody wants to be a politician

He doesn’t deserve to be subjected to that treatment - but he has fomented it over the years - and he has promoted an avowedly anti-intellectual culture of dumb populism within Irish politics. He has promoted toxic right-wing identity politics. Now he gets the blowback from it when he is not considered “pure” enough.

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this dick


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Fuck him. He’s well able to dish out the shit talk himself.

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lets hope me & my fixie are ok on the way home guys

Thank God they are pepper spraying with pepper spray and not pepper spraying with non pepper pepper spray



Great dentist

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