TFK's Far Right - Watch thread (no spongers allowed)

A woman has been jailed for eight and a half years after being found guilty of lying about being raped and trafficked by an Asian grooming gang, and making false rape claims against a series of other men.

That’s not a great look. I’d imagine she’ll be made an example of.

They were my thoughts as well. Calls his son by a girl’s name then makes his wokeness a national story about a contentious issue while knowing he himself is a divisive figure. Well maybe he doesn’t actually he’s so far up his own arse. A very strange thing to do as a new father.


It remarkable how some lads here don’t know how far up their own arses they are.

But perversely entertaining. :grinning:


The just asking questions mob don’t like being asked questions.

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Why do all these Nazis in all these videos have Dublin accents?

Maybe they’re from Dublin

Is that a Dublin accent?

@Ceist , are both accents in the video above Dublin accents?

I’m afraid you’ve reached this week’s quota for bot interactions

Today is the start of a new week you dolt

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I’m afraid you’ve reached this week’s quota for bot interactions

The main speaker has a midlands accent I’d say, not Dublin anyway

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Yep, said he was ex army.

They had some coherent stance about missing passports but once the Raping & Vaccine talk ensued it was away with the fairies time.

They want to protect women by being aggressive towards women.

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